8 Groundhog Day Videos for Kids

While Groundhog Day only lasts for one day – here are some handy teacher-approved videos for kids.
These Groundhog Day videos for kids are just right for showing in a Kindergarten through fifth grade classroom. We’ve got videos that explain the holiday, take a deeper look at groundhogs and a couple of groundhog songs just for fun.

Let me share what groundhogs videos we recommend, what we like about each video and how long it is – that way you can quickly choose what’s right for you and your class.

Groudhog Day Live Stream (16 mins) – This is the best way to show your class the real hoopla that comes along with Punxatawney Phil seeing his shadow.
If you catch it on Feb. 2nd you can live stream the groundhog making his prediction.
[embedded content]
Groundhogs for Kids – (6 mins) A longer video that shares all the things kids would be curious about groudhogs.
The pacing of this video is very classroom-friendly but beware it introduces the “how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood” tongue-twister {wink}
[embedded content]
Fun Facts About Groundhogs – (3.5 mins) This fast-paced video lists all kinds of facts about groundhogs for kids. The first 45 seconds covers “what is groundhog day?” and the rest talks about the groundhog animal family, their special front teeth, what they eat and where they live.
Groundhog Day Songs Videos
[embedded content]
Fun Holiday Song Groundhog Day – (2 mins) This metallic beat video is a quick overview of the Feb. 2nd holiday. While it’s not my favorite video in the list – it is appropriate for kids.
I’d only recommend this video for older elementary students, unless you jump right to about 12 minutes into the video where they knock on Phil’s tree stump door.
[embedded content]
Groundhog Day Song for Kids – (1 min) The perfect, quick song for young kids to learn (or put onto sentence strips in a pocket chart) with motions to describe what happens if the groundhog sees his shadow – and if he doesn’t.
I’d recommend this video just for kindergarten and first grade.
Read Aloud Groundhog Day Videos
Let’s find some Groudhog Day themed books that are read aloud online. These can make great additions to your lesson plans.
[embedded content]
Groundhog Day Read Aloud – (4 mins) This beginning reader book read aloud is a simple, easy to listen to story online. It does a great job showing what the Groundhog Day fanfare is like with an ending designed to make kids smile.
Pick this one if an early spring is predicted.
[embedded content]
Go To Sleep, Groundhog! – (6 mins) This story online shows how a groundhog is supposed to hibernate through Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas… but this Groundhog has a hard time getting to sleep.
This cute pattern story ends with what a groundhog thinks when he sees his shadow.
Pick this one if six more weeks of winter is predicted.
You can cut this show off at the 4.5 minute mark if you have younger students.
[embedded content]
Groundhog’s Day Off – (13 mins) This embellished read aloud takes a fun look at what would happen if Groundhog took a vacation.
This is a long video with many puppet and narrator-inserted lines but it does a good job of bringing the story to life.
Final Thoughts
There you have it: a handy list of teacher-approved videos for Groundhog Day.
If you’re like me, this holiday usually sneaks up and is forgotten in my lesson plans…
So here are some quick, free ideas to use for Groundhog Day.

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