The Future Of Work Guide: Why More Organizations Are Discovering The Benefits Of Immersive Learning [eBook]

The Future Of Work: How To Deal With Post-COVID Challenges With Immersive Learning Emerging technologies give you the power to facilitate practical experience remotely and bridge gaps on the spot. While many organizations were gradually transitioning to online training before the pandemic, COVID-19 accelerated their strategies. So, how do you get them ready for new … Read more

Is Virtual Reality Crucial For eLearning?

What Is Virtual Reality? Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the realities of eLearning environments now. When you are sporting a VR headset, you get to see two simulation screens in front of your eyes, one for each eye. These screens contain artificial objects, like human beings. VR Environments A Virtual Reality simulation includes a … Read more

How Extended Reality Tools Can Bring New Life to Higher Education

For video game players, the 2010s were a decade of extended reality. 2012 saw the development of Oculus, a virtual reality headset company that Facebook later acquired for more than $2 billion. In 2013, Google started selling consumers Glass, a computer built into a pair of glasses. 2016 brought us Pokemon Go, the addictive game … Read more

Bringing A New Approach To Traditional eLearning

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An Exploration Of The Training Solutions Powered By VR Technology

A Glimpse Of The Future Of Learning In many ways, the sci-fi future of learning tech is already here. After all, VR has made it possible for us to interact with computer-generated, highly-detailed virtual environments and 3D models inside a simulation, using a VR headset and motion controllers. But is current VR tech feasible and … Read more

How Library Closures Hurt Adult Learners as Kids Doubled Down on Digital Reading

Library closures hit patrons hard—especially those who relied on them as their main internet source and used them to access online educational resources. Teachers cite the challenges of remote instruction as a top reason for leaving their jobs during the pandemic. And kids double down on digital reading—all in this Edtech Reports Recap. Libraries Close, … Read more

Could VR Be the Missing Piece in Meaningful Language Instruction?

In the early ’80s—when Euan Bonner was just five or so—he and his dad would tinker with their Commodore 64, copying code from magazines into the PC so they could play games. Bonner later taught himself to code and even dreamed of one day building a virtual reality platform. That passion carried through to his … Read more

Why This Startup Is Banking on VR to Build Empathy

Virtual reality (VR) technology is poised to impact many aspects of modern life including education. Early implications are that VR has the potential to enhance and optimize collaboration between teachers and students—in both remote and classroom-based environments. Early studies, such as ones from international researcher Richard Van Hooijdonk, show that virtual and augmented reality tools … Read more

Surveys Find Districts Are Using More Edtech Tools — and Teachers Are Bearing the Costs

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