Online Tutoring in China Was Booming. Then Came a Dramatic Shift in Regulations.

China’s ballooning edtech market is suddenly deflating thanks to new government restrictions on lucrative private tutoring companies that serve millions of the country’s children. In mid-July, China’s government issued new regulations that drastically limit for-profit tutoring services and prohibit foreign investment in Chinese private education companies, reports Reuters. The new rules restrict both tutoring services … Read more

Schools Must Connect Learning to Real-World Experience. Service Learning Can Help.

As communities across the country prepare for the upcoming school year, there is cause for long-awaited optimism. Many students will be returning to the classroom with different kinds of skills and relationships built during an incredibly difficult year. They’ve expanded their hobbies and interests, navigated new technology and learned how to play a role in … Read more

Do You Know Your District’s True Digital Story? This Tool Can Help

Matt Frey is a data guy. As Executive Director of Instructional Technology at Plano ISD in Texas, he often slips into his district’s sea of digital usage data to understand student engagement, direct budget planning, find power users and more. But sometimes, he’ll dig around without specific goals or questions in mind, exploring until the … Read more

Millions of Students With Home Internet Access Still Can’t Get Online

Though about 12 million students in this country still lack any internet access at all—a problem cast into relief during the pandemic—there is good news: That number is steadily shrinking. Multiple studies and surveys have documented the ever-narrowing digital divide. Yet, even as the number of unconnected students declines, there is another group that, for … Read more

What’s the Right Price for an Online Degree?

I recently came upon a pair of contradictory articles about what colleges will be charging for tuition next academic year: One reporting that Ohio State University found reasons last month to nearly double its online tuition, and another noting that some colleges are in a race to lower tuition. So I wondered: What compels some … Read more

Instructure Is Back on the Stock Market, But Not Much Change Expected For Canvas Users

Instructure is officially a publicly-traded company—again. Officials from the company, which makes the Canvas learning-management system used at many colleges and schools, rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange today, marking its IPO. It’s a return of the INST ticker symbol for the company, which first went public in 2015, but then … Read more

The College Program Attracting — and Retaining — Black Male Teachers

When Alphonso Richard Jr. walked into his first teacher education course at Clemson University, he experienced a shock. “Being in a class where you’re the only male, I didn’t know where to sit,” he says. “Girls were looking like, ‘Oh my goodness, is that a guy in here?’” Compounding the confusion: Most women in the … Read more

How to Continuously Improve Teaching

Learning science is always advancing, yielding new insights about how people gain and retain knowledge and skills. How can classroom teachers keep up—and even conduct their very own research to improve their instruction, day-by-day and week-by-week? We dig into these questions and more in this week’s episode of the EdSurge Podcast. It was recorded during … Read more

For Families Who Lack Reliable Internet Access, Help Is on the Way — $7B of It

Over time, internet access has shifted from an amenity to a necessity. Nothing has illustrated that shift more clearly than the pandemic, which forced school, work and most everything else to become virtual practically overnight. But for the millions of students and families without internet access at home, adapting to the virtual classroom became extremely … Read more