12 Ways For Teachers To Save Time In The Classroom

12 Simple Ways To Save Time As A Teacher contributed by Dr. Stuart Kahl and updated by TeachThought Staff It goes without saying that teachers are very busy. So it’s not unusual to hear their concerns about the lack of adequate time to do everything teachers need to do: plan, individualize instruction, test, assign grades, … Read more

“We’re rediscovering how versatile teaching can be”

CSG: Reorganizing the standard curriculum requires huge adjustments on the part of both students and teachers. How are they handling it so far? WS: All 25 teachers have been working on this project for the past two years, and they have made a commitment to see it through. In the past, school development has always … Read more

What Is 3 Before Me? A Teaching Strategy To Build Capacity In Students

What Is 3 Before Me? A Teaching Strategy To Build Capacity In Students by TeachThought Staff What is ‘3 Before Me’? ‘3 Before Me’ is a simple classroom strategy–arguably both a teaching and learning strategy–that requires that when students experience a challenge, they must first ask three different people for help before reaching out to … Read more

5 Strategies For Creating A Genius Mindset In Students

How Can We Help Every Student Tap Their Inner Genius? contributed by Zacc Dukowitz When we hear the word genius, certain people come immediately to mind—Albert Einstein in mathematics, or Warren Buffett in investing—but what exactly sets these people apart? It’s easy to simply shrug and say to ourselves, “Those people are just different.  They … Read more

Has the COVID-19 crisis affected reading development?

“Hello reader! Go ahead and read this sentence aloud. And maybe this one too.” Did you, by any chance, time yourself? If so, you have measured your “oral reading fluency.” This simple measure—the number of words read aloud correctly divided by the length of time it took—is used to chart the development of reading skills … Read more

5 Simple Ideas That Can Transform Your Teaching

Social Pulse 5 Simple Ideas That Can Transform Your Teaching by Terry Heick Teaching is impossibly complex. Unless you were incredibly wise and prescient, there is no way to be the teacher so many begin their career striving to be. You will simply never be able to fulfill everything that each learner needs, no matter how … Read more

20 Ways To Improve A Test, Quiz, Or Other Assessment

20 Ways To Improve A Test, Quiz, Or Other Assessment  by TeachThought Staff There is often talk about assessment–its forms, frequency, and the integration of gleaned data to revise planned instruction. Formative versus assessment, rigor, and the evasive nature of understanding are also areas for exploration. But rarely is there discussion about the kinds of … Read more

6 Types Of Assessment Of Learning

Social Pulse 6 Types Of Assessment Of Learning by TeachThought Staff This post has been updated and republished If curriculum is the what of teaching and learning models are the how, assessment is the puzzled ‘Hmmmm’–as in, I assumed this and this about student learning, but after giving this assessment, well….”Hmmmmm.” So what are the … Read more

12 Strategies To Build Relationships With Students

12 Strategies To Build Relationships With Students by Terry Heick Student engagement is one of the most fundamental requirements of learning. Without an engaged mind, everything else–no matter the quality of the pedagogy or the cleverness of the technology–is futile. And one of the useful ways to make improvements here is by having a strong … Read more