How Research-Informed Games May Result in Deep Learning Experiences

Time and again, there have been education techniques and pedagogy developed that challenged conventional teaching and learning methods. As new approaches are tried, it is important to also analyze the reasons why children may be apprehensive about learning. Games can be particularly effective for engaging learners, promoting active participation and motivating students, both in and … Read more

Designing Your Way Through a Pandemic: How a School Changed Course Mid-Year

Before the pandemic, the school I work for, located about 20 miles outside of Washington, D.C., had rituals and traditions that defined our school culture and aimed to bring a holistic approach to learning, like having students work in small groups and encouraging office hours with teachers. As in many schools, though, these rich teaching … Read more

A Popular Study Found That Taking Notes By Hand Is Better Than By Laptop. But Is It?

A 2014 research study with a catchy title is often pointed to by those who worry that technology is having unexpected downsides in the classroom. It’s titled “The Pen Is Mightier Than the Keyboard: Advantages of Longhand Over Laptop Note Taking,” and it found that students who took notes on a TED talk by hand … Read more

The Real Solution to Learning Loss: Valuing Teachers and the Teaching Profession

The phrase “learning loss” has become as widespread as “you’re on mute” in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic. Commentators, politicians, parents, research firms, educational technology organizations and policymakers have decried how remote and hybrid learning during the pandemic caused students to fall further and further behind educationally. These same individuals and organizations have promoted … Read more

Why Santa Fe Broke the K-12 Model and Chose a Different Curriculum for the Middle Grades

Choosing a new curriculum for New Mexico public school districts is no small task. Each content area goes through a six-year adoption cycle. So, before committing, districts solicit input from teachers, parents, administrators and even community members, in an effort to make the best choices for their kids. One reason we chose MidSchoolMath is that … Read more

EdSurge Reporter Wins Top Prize for Story About Preschool Helping Kids Impacted By Opioid Crisis

EdSurge senior reporter Emily Tate won a top prize for feature writing by the Education Writers Association for her story about an Ohio preschool that helps the youngest victims of the opioid crisis, the group announced this week. Judges praised the piece for its strong organization and writing, noting that it was both a “compelling … Read more

How A Single Platform Enables Successful Co-Teaching and Engagement in Remote Learning

Over the course of three years working together, Ohio teacher Heather Nesler and her co-teacher perfected a smoothly choreographed approach to co-teaching inclusive eighth-grade math classes. Their strategy—which included using Pear Deck’s platform—was supportive and engaging. Even the quietest students participated. Then the pandemic hit. Over the course of three years working together, Ohio teacher … Read more

Why Jo Boaler Believes This Math Curriculum Is the Key to Promoting Growth Mindset

When Dr. Jo Boaler started her teaching career in inner-city London—in a culturally diverse school population with roughly 250 different languages spoken—she was tasked with teaching math to students assigned to the bottom track. As far as the school system was concerned, this was the group destined for low-level achievement. She recalls one of her … Read more

This Middle School Engaged Struggling Students and Gave Them a Voice in a Virtual World

Assistant Principal Ronda Smith remembers her heart racing when she learned that John F. Kennedy Middle School would pivot to remote learning because of the pandemic. We had to figure out how to get students engaged online, which was already a focus in the brick-and-mortar setting. “We didn’t have the tools or the training,” explains … Read more

Hybrid Learning Not Making the Grade? Try These Smart Fixes

As educators gain more experience with hybrid and fully remote learning models, they’re optimizing classroom technology to meet their students’ needs. Teachers must have creative ways to actively engage their remote students, going beyond asynchronous teaching that simply sends recorded lessons to students’ home devices to watch on their own time. With collaborative technology tools, … Read more