School Counselors Have Implicit Bias. Some Are Ready to Address It.

During his sixth year as a school counselor, Derek Francis faced a situation that would change his career. It was 2017, and the Minnesota high school where he worked—which also happened to be the high school he attended as a teenager—was in turmoil over a video circulating on social media. In it, one of the … Read more

Civics Education Is Essential for Creating Engaged Citizens. I’m Hopeful It's About to Make a Comeback.

On a memorable morning in my high school civics class, the students—seniors, full of energy—learned about the formation and function of our legislative branch. But they weren’t reading from a textbook. They were roleplaying. Let me set the scene for you. One student, standing up and projecting his voice, declared: “Virginia objects to New Jersey … Read more

Want a National Effort to Combat COVID Learning Loss? Study Your Black History.

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Posted Feb. 26, 2021

We know all too well Black and brown students in marginalized communities are now bearing the brunt of the pandemic’s effect on schools—with inadequate technology,…

Posted Feb. 22, 2021

“I am a white ally,” the 30 something-year-old white teacher declared emphatically in the diversity and inclusion professional development session. She snapped her fingers to…

Posted Feb. 24, 2021

A month ago, as Amanda Gorman shared her beautiful prose during President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ inauguration, students at KIPP Rise Academy in Newark had…

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What AP Classes Can Teach Us About Building Stronger Curriculum for All Students

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Posted Feb. 9, 2021

When millions of parents became de facto teachers during COVID-19, they saw firsthand a deep-seeded, widespread problem in American education: lackluster content and curricula that…

Posted Feb. 4, 2021

Whether you support your state’s reopening plans or not, the reality is families locked out of learning for nearly a year are getting fed up.…

Posted Feb. 8, 2021

Although the United States has always had a diverse population, public school curricula are overwhelmingly built around a white, male perspective. Students are learning a…

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First Came JuicyCampus, Then Yik Yak. Now New Anonymous Websites Are Growing on Campuses

They’re back. Anonymous discussion apps are growing on some campuses—along with calls that they are leading to racist and toxic comments that harm students. A student at Hillsdale College wrote an op-ed in the student newspaper there in November calling on her classmates to boycott an anonymous discussion app called Jodel, which she says is … Read more

This Is the Moment for States to Design the Future of Education

We begin 2021 heartened by the resiliency of educators and students from around the country pushing through the disruptions of COVID-19. Even in the face of current challenges, many schools and districts are using this moment to design new approaches that will shape learning far into the future. As 2021 kicks off and we set … Read more

We Must Be Disciples for Our Students in 2021

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Posted Dec. 28, 2020

It was that kind of day. Parents and teachers know the one: the day before the holiday break. The day when all grades are due,…

Posted Dec. 29, 2020

This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, educators nationwide, and the world over, have had to adapt how they provide services to children and families.…

Posted Dec. 29, 2020

2020 was the pits.  More than 300,000 Americans died from COVID. A dearth of presidential leadership that led to the politicization of wearing masks—the single…

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