Why You Should Use Virtual Reality For Soft Skills Training

VR Can Help Optimize Training Time And Efficacy According to a January 2021 article in Harvard Business Review, 59% of surveyed hiring managers and 89% of executives reported having trouble finding hires with soft skills “such as communication, teamwork, and leadership.” An added challenge, especially when working remotely, is that people master soft skills through … Read more

Training Needs Analysis Secrets Revealed

Fixing Skills Gaps Keeps You From Slowing Down A good Training Needs Analysis is like a mechanic’s inspection report. What’s causing the clunky noise? What’s about to break and halt your car if you don’t update? What’s wearing down your engine or your tires more than it has to? Employee skills are a key factor … Read more

Hidden eBook Gems: 11 Titles You Should Check Out Today (And 1 Standout Webinar)

8 Amazing Hidden eBook Gems You Should Add To Your eLearning TBR List It’s time to peruse the virtual bookshelves and highlight titles that you may have overlooked. These hidden eBook gems cover the entire spectrum of eLearning design and development, from onboarding to performance consulting. If you’re in the mood for an informative read, there’s … Read more

Talent Development Capability Model To Unlock Employee Potential

How To Use The Talent Development Capability Model To Build Essential Skills The talent development profession is adapting to disruptions in the global marketplace. It has never been more critical for professionals in this field to become key partners with organizations to ensure that their workforce is prepared for the future. eBook Release Ensure Your … Read more

LMSs Under Threat By SUSs: “Sustainable Upskilling Solutions”

Caution: Potential Hard-To-Swallow Realities Ahead If 2020 taught organizations one thing, then it was the fundamental importance of adapting to disruption. COVID-19 effectively halted the world overnight, after which organizations had to speedily find creative solutions to many problems, including Learning and Development. In light of the previous, one of the challenges of 2021 (and … Read more

Emotional Connection And The Neurologically Diverse Workforce

Promoting Neurodiversity Autism can present itself in wonderful ways for children and adults when we are willing to open our eyes to possibilities before us. However, for most of us, our preconceived notions of patterns of speech and communication get in the way of our ability to see these possibilities. These possibilities take the form … Read more

Emerging Technology: Critical Shortfalls

Addressing The Needs Of The Emerging Tech Economy A growing threat to the continued evolution and growth of the global economy, technology sectors, and nearly every organization in general now exists. At this point, there is no solution identified for these critical shortfalls. The sum of the emerging technologies stands ready to disruptively change virtually … Read more

eBook Release: Ensure Your Team Has The Knowledge And Skills To Succeed

How Talent Development Professionals Can Form High-Impact Partnerships How should TD professionals adapt to the ever-changing corporate world and the new challenges brought on by the global pandemic? This guide gives you the information you need to form meaningful partnerships with organizations to bridge gaps and achieve long-term success. Backed by in-depth industry research, it … Read more

How To Find Skills And Performance Gaps With A Needs Analysis

Partner With The Business To Pinpoint The Gaps There are many reasons for training. Some are straightforward, such as the need to teach people new methodologies, processes, tools, or systems. Others are more nuanced, such as a desire to improve leadership skills, customer service, soft skills, or other behavioral areas. All training needs are either … Read more

Can We Build Better Communication Skills In A Hybrid Workplace?

New Challenges Require New Skills And Approaches Traditional workplace communication skills encompass writing, speaking, listening, questioning, and explaining things well, among other abilities. They’re often an essential factor in performance management processes and evaluations. Communicating well is fundamental to high workplace performance and the foundation of other skills like influence, leadership, working well with others, … Read more