Mobile Learning To Overcome Skills Training Challenges To Maximize ROI

Mobile Learning Solutions: Overcoming Skills Training Challenges To Maximize Training ROI Did you know that many organizations find it difficult to hire the right candidates? According to an SHRM report, 75% of such organizations believe it is due to a shortage of skills among applicants. According to Robin Schwartz, Managing Partner of MFG jobs, a … Read more

Emerging Technology: The Path Forward

Disrupt The Disruptors: One Of The New Challenges Examining where we are today and where we are likely to go in the next few years, one thing became quite clear. What is clear is that a suite of new and emerging technologies is now on the horizon. As they advance, become more adopted and grow, … Read more

Skills Training Made Easy: 3 Mobile Learning Examples and Use Cases

Prime Mobile Learning Examples For Skill Building How do you train your employees on a new CRM or software that’s being introduced in your organization to streamline operations? Furthermore, how do you train your sales reps on new products or sales skills when they have little time for in-person, face-to-face training? How do you onboard … Read more

5 Steps To Create Effective Personalized Learning Paths With Mobile Learning

Most training is planned with a ‘one-size-fits-all’ strategy. Learners undergo training according to a pre-defined schedule – usually at a fixed physical location. Learning is linear, sometimes forcing learners to wade through large chunks of information. Content isn’t created or tailored according to individual preferences, learning styles, or work environments. How would you like it … Read more

6 Talent Development Online Training Activities For Cultivating Your In-House Talent

How To Cultivate Your In-House Talent With Talent Development Online Training Activities A successful business understands that their most valuable commodity is their staff. They also acknowledge the importance of ongoing development that allows employees to identify and utilize their skills more effectively. Doing so allows for an organization and its employees to grow, while also forming … Read more

Learning And Development Strategies To Increase Employee Engagement And Retention

Improve Employees’ Skills With An eLearning Program The current business environment has three significant characteristics. It is swift, demanding, and dynamic. Trying to keep up with this constantly developing business environment, an employee may, more often than not, choose to join an organization that provides better opportunities and returns. The employee yearns for development and … Read more

6 Tips For Improving Management Skills In Online Training

How To Improve Management Skills In Online Training Some employees believe their managers are incompetent or out of touch with their modern workforce. They may even think that they achieved their position merely by association instead of putting in the time and effort. But most of the time, the manager worked their way up through … Read more

Why Content Aggregation Is NOT The Answer To The Skills Gap

What Does It Take To Close The Skills Gap? Ask Fuse Product Director Rhys Giles how people actually learn, and the first thing he’ll tell you is that content aggregation is definitely and decidedly not the answer to engaged learning. Many enterprise-level companies have invested in Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs) that advertise themselves as putting … Read more

5 Ways Mobile Learning Apps can Assist with Skills Training Needs

How To Use Top Mobile Apps For Employee Skills Development Gone are the days when you had to spend a lot of time and effort looking for a tutor. Now you simply whip up your smartphone – and voila!! There’s Duolingo, Memrise, Babel – all mobile learning apps that can help you learn a new … Read more

10 Online Training Certifications To Add To Your Online Training Program

Online Training Certifications Worth Adding To Your Online Training Program Many organizations implement online training certification courses to monitor employee performance and encourage active participation. Their staff strives to earn the coveted certificate so that they can display their proficiency or prove that they’ve mastered a skill. Likewise, HR managers and department supervisors are able to … Read more