A Complete College Application Timeline for High School Seniors

Spread the love You need to be very active during the senior year if you want to gaincollege admission. It is the time when you need to choose a few colleges to which you can apply. You have to get your ACT or SAT scores, prepare an essay, collect recommendation letters, and take steps to … Read more

16 Ways to Teach Students How to Find Their Way Around the School Campus

Spread the love Are you looking ways to teach students how to find their way around the school campus? If so, keep reading. 1. Get the learner to create instructions for discovering places in the school building. 2. Let the learner move from one place to another in the school building only at specific times … Read more

7 Novels That Encourage Young Adults to Discuss Racial Issues

Spread the love Educators can prepare students to counter xenophobia, bigotry, or racism. They can use literature as a means to start a conversation about racism. Stories enable the students to look at things from fictional characters’ viewpoints and develop empathy towards them. Here are some award-winning novels for young adults that can facilitate discussions … Read more

5 Reasons Why Many Students Fail Chemistry and Ways to Prevent It

Spread the love Many students have a negative impression of chemistry and think that it pulls down their grade point averages. They also seem to have an inherent dislike for the subject. Therefore, even though they like science, they try their best to stay away from chemistry. But chemistry is not as tough as it … Read more

20 Innovative Techniques to Help Kids Realize Their Academic Potential

Spread the love Are you looking for innovative techniques to help kids realize their academic potential? If so, keep reading. 1. Show instructions in the learner’s preferred learning style (e.g., visual, auditory, etc.). 2. Have tasks read to the learner. 3. Coordinate a time for the learner to study with a peer tutor before finishing … Read more