Do You Know Your District’s True Digital Story? This Tool Can Help

Matt Frey is a data guy. As Executive Director of Instructional Technology at Plano ISD in Texas, he often slips into his district’s sea of digital usage data to understand student engagement, direct budget planning, find power users and more. But sometimes, he’ll dig around without specific goals or questions in mind, exploring until the … Read more

Millions of Students With Home Internet Access Still Can’t Get Online

Though about 12 million students in this country still lack any internet access at all—a problem cast into relief during the pandemic—there is good news: That number is steadily shrinking. Multiple studies and surveys have documented the ever-narrowing digital divide. Yet, even as the number of unconnected students declines, there is another group that, for … Read more

For Families Who Lack Reliable Internet Access, Help Is on the Way — $7B of It

Over time, internet access has shifted from an amenity to a necessity. Nothing has illustrated that shift more clearly than the pandemic, which forced school, work and most everything else to become virtual practically overnight. But for the millions of students and families without internet access at home, adapting to the virtual classroom became extremely … Read more

Education and Industry Leaders Rethink Back-to-School Season at Inaugural Summit

With battle cries of “Digital on day one!,” districts launch into back-to-school planning around this time each year. But the pathway to a successful start to the new school year is littered with technical landmines. And they aren’t new problems—they happen every single year. The pathway to a successful start to the new school year … Read more

Elon Musk Needs a Futuristic Workforce For SpaceX. Will His $20M Pledge to Schools Help?

As he’s wont to do, Elon Musk pulled up Twitter on his phone one early spring morning and fired off some breaking news. “Am donating $20M to Cameron County schools & $10M to City of Brownsville for downtown revitalization,” he wrote in the March 30 tweet. “Details to follow next week.” The billionaire SpaceX and … Read more

This Tech Leader Uses One Platform to Solve Numerous Access Issues

Pete Just is the driving force behind a dizzying array of student-focused technology initiatives for both the state of Indiana and the Metropolitan School District (MSD) of Wayne Township, where he is Chief Technology Officer. We needed a solution that would simplify access for our students and staff… He helped launch Indiana’s first and only … Read more