Why Use A Net Promoter Score?

Measure Net Promoter Score So you’re thinking about measuring NPS. You’ve researched all about it, probably even found software to conduct NPS surveys but still have questions unanswered. What will NPS help you gauge? How is it different from other customer experience metrics? Does your company really need it? Do you really need to invest … Read more

Optimize Product Adoption With A Retooled Customer Training Strategy

The Best Way To Influence Customer Behavior With most companies shifting gears to focus on customer education and enablement, is there a reliable way to improve your customer retention numbers, while cutting down on your 2021 customer support budget? In their efforts to reduce churn, most firms have realized the importance of customer training. But … Read more

How To Develop An Effective Digital Marketing Funnel

Digital Marketing Funnel: The Definitive Guide For any business, a high organic footfall is a key to success. A dedicated digital marketing funnel can help you achieve that. It helps you to identify the ways in which you can attract customers to visit your website. It also bridges the gap between the needs of customers … Read more