The Features And Benefits Of The XP-Pen Drawing Tablet In The Classroom

This post is sponsored by XP-Pen, manufacturers of a range of drawing tablets for artists, students, and other creative professionals. They have tutorials and eLearning resources for teachers here and are also Chromebook-compatible. You can read more about our affiliate and sponsored content policies here. XP-Pen’s Deco mini7W ($59.99)is light, portable, and WiFi-ready. The Star … Read more

5 Of The Best Trello Boards For Teachers

5 Useful Trello Boards For Teachers by TeachThought Staff We’ve recommended project-management boards many times over the years, whether for teachers to organize their teaching materials, schools to promote collaboration between teachers, or for teachers to use with students–to organize project-based learning, for example. While we’d love to create a few templates of our own … Read more

What Is Remote Learning? A Definition For Teachers And Students

What Is Remote Learning? A Definition For Teachers And Students by TeachThought Staff What is remote learning? Remote learning is the practice of moving a formerly in-person learning process online–usually temporarily. While there isn’t one single definition for remote learning any more than there is a single definition for ‘learning through play,’ the big idea … Read more

The Difference Between Synchronous And Asynchronous Learning

by Terry Heick Before we get into concise definitions and comparisons, let’s zoom back a bit and look broadly at the spirit of difference between Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning. While it’s true that a significant difference between synchronous and Asynchronous Learning is, as the name (sync) suggests, a matter of timing, that misses thinking about … Read more

15 Ways To Make Remote Teaching Easier–And More Enjoyable

by TeachThought Staff How can you make remote teaching more enjoyable? Easier? More sustainable for both you and students? Of course, there’s no magic wand but we’ve gathered some thoughts below. This post is a mix of tools, tips, and strategies. If you’re looking only for tools, you can read more about the best remote … Read more

5 Teaching Strategies For Deep Learning In Virtual Environments

contributed by Jay McTighe, Harvey Silver, and Matthew Perini  Learning is learning, whether in a classroom, at a library, or within a virtual environment. However, regardless of the venue, learning can vary—from superficial to substantive. We wrote this blog post because we know that so many teachers across the country are looking for ways to make online and … Read more

3 Tips for Schools Hiring New Teachers to Teach Remotely

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Posted Jan. 5, 2021

When schools across the nation shuttered their facilities to safeguard against the spread of COVID-19, all teachers were forced to make an immediate pivot to…

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What Is Reader’s Theater? Using Literacy For Online Student Engagement

Image attribution flickeringbrad contributed by Kathrina O’Connell Last summer my school’s middle-school literacy academy abruptly shifted to distance learning due to COVID-19. With smiles on our faces, we told our students how excited we were to see them online the next day. With fear in our hearts, we quietly worried how we would teach our … Read more

12 Of Our Best Articles About Remote Teaching And Learning

by TeachThought Staff While remote teaching and learning weren’t invented in the last 12 months, they certainly took center stage in education for many parts of the world. Of course, helping teachers ‘adjust’ to remote teaching isn’t enough. Collections of tools and apps and strategies are a start. Maybe some tips for teachers and parents? … Read more