What You Need To Get Started With Virtual Training

Become An Expert In Facilitating A Virtual Classroom Facilitating a virtual classroom is not the same as facilitating a face-to-face event. Those facilitating virtual classrooms must focus on ensuring participant satisfaction, engagement, and learning transfer while understanding the technology and what is needed for success for you and the learners. eBook Release Trainer’s Guide: Finding … Read more

Supercharging Employee Training With A Personalized Learning Platform: 3 Things To Consider

Getting Personal With Your Learning Platform Modern expectations for digital content are high – it needs to be relevant, meaningful, timely, and ultimately useful, fitting into a point of need right there and then. Content that delivers on these points with well-honed UX design, will do well in the learning marketplace, and go viral amongst … Read more

The Ultimate List: 50 Strategies For Differentiated Instruction

Social Pulse by Terry Heick This post has been updated and republished Differentiation is a simple idea that’s less simple to actuate. Differentiation is a rational approach to meeting the needs of individual learners, but actually making it possible on a daily basis in the classroom can be a challenge. In ‘What Differentiation Is–And Is … Read more

5 Steps To Create Effective Personalized Learning Paths With Mobile Learning

Most training is planned with a ‘one-size-fits-all’ strategy. Learners undergo training according to a pre-defined schedule – usually at a fixed physical location. Learning is linear, sometimes forcing learners to wade through large chunks of information. Content isn’t created or tailored according to individual preferences, learning styles, or work environments. How would you like it … Read more

4 Ways Personalized Learning Could Change Teaching

4 Ways Personalized Learning Could Change Teaching contributed by Jennifer Jones PhD, Educational Entrepreneur and Founder of Green Ivy Schools This post has been updated and republished Increasingly, teachers at the high school and middle school levels (and perhaps even elementary school) will be hearing the term ‘personalized learning.’ And as with so many terms … Read more

How can education systems better support kids from diverse backgrounds?

The education of our children is the foundation for a successful society. Yet we continue to see striking differences in the quality of that education. How can we improve our systems to help all children thrive? Strong, nurturing early relationships at home, school, and in the community, set the stage for healthy learning. Some children, … Read more