Preparing children for life’s ups and downs

Adults have plenty of words to describe the positive and negative emotions we all experience, whether that’s joy, contentment, enthusiasm, anger, fear, irritation, or sadness. Young children tend to express their feelings spontaneously, through tearful outbursts or unrestrained bursts of enthusiasm; it takes time to develop the ability to engage in complex, in-depth conversations about … Read more

Summer Boredom Crushers

School’s out for the summer and it won’t be long before you hear those dreaded words, “I’m bored.” My grandsons have already uttered them! Personally, I never liked those words. I don’t use them myself and I taught my kids not to use them. They knew if they used them, I would find them something … Read more

Recent Survey Shows 1 in 4 Parents Cheated to Get their Child Into College

If you watched the Netflix Special “Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal”, you might think that only rich parents cheat to get their kids into college. But according to a new survey from, a trusted resource for online degree rankings and higher education planning, you would be wrong. What did the survey find? … Read more

Supporting Your Teen’s Career Aspirations

Research shows that parents have a strong influence over their child’s college or career path. That influence may be subtle, and beyond the conscious awareness of the child, or often not so subtle. Parents have been known to push a child into a career path for numerous reasons, most have nothing to do with the child’s … Read more

Teaching Your Child About Phonemes

Spread the love Parents are a child’s first teachers. A parent does not necessarily have to have teacher training to aid their child’s learning process. All it takes is some reading at home, simple activities, and the deliberate effort to teach about letter shapes and sounds. Aside from reading, parents can do some activities with … Read more

Research-Based Reading Programs Are Not Enough

Spread the love Reading programs are an important element of assisting children who may have reading delays and difficulties. These programs and interventions ought to be based on evidence from research that exhaustively explains the methods and results. This is to ensure that there is a system for the preparation, implementation, and evaluation.   The Samples … Read more

Using the Summer for College Prep

Before you think I’m advocating “heads to the grindstone” this summer, rest assured these activities will not consume your or your student’s summer months. What this summer college prep will do is prepare your student for the upcoming school year and help him enter the next phase of his education thinking and planning for college. … Read more