Higher Education And Online Learning

What Can We Learn From The COVID-19 Pandemic? Currently, we are experiencing the global COVID-19 pandemic, and educational systems worldwide face a gigantic crisis. Yet, the pandemic leaves no other option for students in higher education to do anything but online learning. Introduction The first COVID-19 case was reported in December 2019, but the world … Read more

Teaching And Learning Should Be Accessible By Anyone, Anywhere

Digitalization Makes Education Easier The concept of traditional learning has changed drastically, especially during the pandemic era. The students of the 21st century are more familiar with digital devices, and they are practically glued to their smartphones or laptops for various kinds of activities. The COVID-19 pandemic has given the opportunity to add education to … Read more

Is Online Learning the Right Choice

Online and distance learning have long been popular ways to improve your education. People across the world are relying on these methods to enable themselves to better their qualifications, offering ways to learn and build a career that doesn’t involve going to school. While popular, though, options like this can also come with some challenges. … Read more

How Does An Educational App Earn Profit?

How To Make Money With An Educational App With evolving market trends, educational apps are gaining traction and are anticipated to remain in demand with ongoing globalization. Seizing the opportunity, many custom app development companies are developing educational apps to capitalize on the eLearning wave. In this article, we have covered the most efficient methods … Read more

4 Ways Automated Education Is Elevating eLearning

How Automation Is Changing Education In 2021 eLearning is an effective way to help workforces get the skills they need, especially as circumstances evolve and require new knowledge. Applying automation to eLearning initiatives can help them be even more effective. Here are 4 advantages of taking this approach. 1. Helping Employers Monitor Progress When company … Read more

Is Zoom Fatigue Becoming A Serious Threat For Online Learners?

All About Zoom Fatigue Whilst Zoom has been an excellent platform that has enabled thousands or in fact, millions of learners and teachers to connect through the platform, it does take its toll. With more than a year of confinement and continuous online training, learners are surely experiencing some stress. What Is Zoom Fatigue?  When … Read more

How Has COVID-19 Affected Online Learning And Private Candidates?

The Effects Of COVID-19 On Online Courses This has caused considerable stress on learners over the last 15 months, with some of them saying that their education has been seriously disrupted. Questions have been also asked about whether even the basics of education, such as English and Math, can ever recover. With many schools and … Read more

What Disruptive Consumer Tech Products Can Teach The EdTech Industry

A Call For More Intentional EdTech Innovation In South Africa, teachers only spend 66% of classroom time teaching (12% below the international average), and almost half of these classrooms are over the recommended student-to-teacher ratio of 40:1. Having grown up in South Africa and having the privilege of attending good schools, I have always been … Read more

Teacher Training: Catering To Gen Z And Beyond

How Teacher Training Needs To Embrace Technology Millennials were in their teens when the first iPhone was released. On the other hand, Gen Z grew up playing on their parents’ smartphones even before they had turned 3! Needless to say, such exposure to technology has influenced the way this generation interacts and learns. Also, when … Read more

Providing Just-In-Time Learning To Support eLearning

What Is Just-In-Time Learning? Just-in-time learning is an approach to teaching and learning that provides learners with information or activities focused on a specific topic or skill that is accessible whenever it is needed. This approach can be used in many ways to support learning. How Just-In-Time Learning Can Support Learners? Research has shown that … Read more