6 Things To Consider When Choosing An Online Course

eLearning During COVID-19 Every week we had different aspects of reading to focus on, and different topics of discussion posted to the course forum, where we could share our thoughts and theories. My peers were various: people in their twenties and seventies, different nationalities, tastes, social and cultural backgrounds. What brought us together was the … Read more

How To Pre-Sell Your Online Course And Make Money Before You Launch It

It would be an unfortunate situation to find yourself struggling with a course that no one buys. It’s obvious, no one plans to create courses that don’t sell, but things get out of your hands sometimes, especially if you ignore the best practices of how to sell an online course. Most online educators follow this … Read more

Compelling Content Is The New King

Catch And Keep Your Student’s Attention In the wake of COVID-19, eLearning is in the spotlight and facing more scrutiny than ever. The quality of the online experience is quickly becoming an important area of differentiation for companies and higher learning institutions. While there is an abundance of technology and the sea of Learning Management Systems … Read more