Have Weighted Grades Outlived Their Usefulness?

Spread the love The foundational rationale for weighted grades is that the practice provides an incentive for learners to challenge themselves academically. By placing greater value on grades earned in more challenging classes, weighted grades remove a potential disincentive posed by tougher classes—i.e., learners worrying that a lower grade in a tougher class might adversely … Read more

The Ultimate Collection of Sight Word Songs

Spread the love Sight words are an essential aspect of language that is often difficult for young kids to grasp fully. You see, they fill a niche in the English language that people who have been speaking the language all their life will instinctively know regardless of your actual education on the matter. However, young … Read more

Has the COVID-19 crisis affected reading development?

“Hello reader! Go ahead and read this sentence aloud. And maybe this one too.” Did you, by any chance, time yourself? If so, you have measured your “oral reading fluency.” This simple measure—the number of words read aloud correctly divided by the length of time it took—is used to chart the development of reading skills … Read more

The Importance Of Emergent Literacy

Spread the love Most children develop some form of a vocabulary before they get confident in walking proves the great value of literacy. Listening, speaking, writing, and reading are skills that we are taught at a young age and continue developing throughout our lives.  While at first, it may be just a couple of words, … Read more

Want a National Effort to Combat COVID Learning Loss? Study Your Black History.

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Posted Feb. 26, 2021

We know all too well Black and brown students in marginalized communities are now bearing the brunt of the pandemic’s effect on schools—with inadequate technology,…

Posted Feb. 22, 2021

“I am a white ally,” the 30 something-year-old white teacher declared emphatically in the diversity and inclusion professional development session. She snapped her fingers to…

Posted Feb. 24, 2021

A month ago, as Amanda Gorman shared her beautiful prose during President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ inauguration, students at KIPP Rise Academy in Newark had…

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Yes, Audiobooks Are Real Reading. Here Are the Best Ones for Kids.

Tucked in, snuggled up, I still remember the hours I spent listening to my mother read aloud “The Hobbit.” I must have been about 8-years-old, and while I was a pretty strong reader, the complexity of that text (and certainly its length) would have made the story inaccessible to me. I hung on every word, … Read more

Helping Students Read By Choosing The Right Literacy Strategy

Social Pulse Helping Students Read By Choosing The Right Literacy Strategy by Terry Heick As the title states, this post is about helping students learn to read by choosing (or helping them choose) a literacy strategy that works for them–that day, reading that text, for that specific purpose. So, this post is not about the … Read more

Preventing Student Debt Problems Begins With Financial Literacy Education

For ages, the American dream has been built on obtaining a quality education, earning a credential from a degree-awarding entity and then starting a life full of wealth and opportunity. Or at least that was the dream bestowed upon America’s new dominating workforce: millennials. Born between 1981 and 1996, during a pop culture boom of … Read more

Drawing Ideas: The Benefits Of Mindmapping For Learning

Drawing Ideas: The Benefits Of Mindmapping For Learning contributed by Andrew Sperl Developing your teaching methods to be more effective is an everyday process for educators around the world. In the same way, students everywhere continue to work on methods that will help them learn more efficiently so they can be successful in school. With … Read more