The 5 Learning And Development Trends That Improve Delivery

Boosting L&D Delivery In Today’s World The birth of widespread remote work during the 2020 pandemic was perhaps one of the biggest disruptors to Learning and Development. Human beings are social creatures. Learning from each other is as natural as having three meals a day. As face-to-face interaction has significantly decreased, L&D had to step … Read more

LMS Report Scheduling: Everything Admins Need To Know

How LMS Report Scheduling Makes The Job Of An LMS Admin Easier During every LMS pitch, stakeholders are sold on the idea that reporting against skills and learning targets will be at their fingertips. No longer will they have to wait for information regarding the uptake of corporate eLearning courses, essential to reaching compliance targets. … Read more

Beyond Dashboards: 7 Tips For Developing A Successful And Sustainable Learning Analytics Strategy In The Post-Covid World

How To Improve Performance And Compliance With Enhanced Tools For Learning Data Analysis How crucial is compliance learning data analysis in the post-COVID world? Without in any way wishing to downplay the wreckage of lives and livelihoods wrought by the global pandemic, it can’t be denied that the tragedy had a transformative effect on learning. … Read more

Where Is Your Organization In Its Learning Analytics Journey? Here Are Your Map And Compass

The Learning Analytics Journey: How To Chart Your Course Where are you in your learning analytics journey? The way we measure learning impact—or, more often, don’t—is a long-standing source of debate in L&D, and too often it becomes a circular argument. A plethora of evaluation models tell us that we ought to do A, B, … Read more