Interactive Learning Content In eLearning: How Effective Is It?

Why You Should Make Learning Content Interactive In case you don’t know, interaction is a two (or more) way action that happens between objects, with one affecting the other. Now, let’s make it more relevant to the topic of this article. In the learning space, the term interaction has a lot to do with an … Read more

Hybrid Learning In Education

What Is Hybrid Learning? Some students are unwilling to let go of the traditional way of learning. For this reason, many schools are willing to adopt the hybrid learning method, which combines face-to-face learning with online resources. This blended learning method meets the needs of virtually all students and has stayed relevant in education. In … Read more

4 Ways Automated Education Is Elevating eLearning

How Automation Is Changing Education In 2021 eLearning is an effective way to help workforces get the skills they need, especially as circumstances evolve and require new knowledge. Applying automation to eLearning initiatives can help them be even more effective. Here are 4 advantages of taking this approach. 1. Helping Employers Monitor Progress When company … Read more

Is Zoom Fatigue Becoming A Serious Threat For Online Learners?

All About Zoom Fatigue Whilst Zoom has been an excellent platform that has enabled thousands or in fact, millions of learners and teachers to connect through the platform, it does take its toll. With more than a year of confinement and continuous online training, learners are surely experiencing some stress. What Is Zoom Fatigue?  When … Read more