How To Achieve True Interactivity In Your Online Course

How To Achieve True Interactivity Learners are better able to engage in courses in which they can explore and learn at their own pace. More so, learners love eLearning professionals that react fast to the latest trends like this. Interactivity is highly crucial to online courses, but how do you achieve true interactivity in online … Read more

How To Make eLearning Smooth And Engaging: Tips And Tools

Experience-Based Tips For Engaging Asynchronous eLearning Today, distance education is the topic of the hour. Global pandemics stated this issue quite sharply; students and teachers were forced to accept new rules immediately and quickly adapt to a new format. Making the eLearning environment productive and engaging is a matter of strategy. Let’s be honest, engaging … Read more

5 Unconventional Ways To Incorporate Immersive Learning Into Your eLearning Course Design

How To Incorporate Immersive Learning Resources Into Your eLearning Course Design Immersive learning resources are a good fit for ANY eLearning experience. Adult learners (and some teens) eventually recall something all nursery school teachers know: song lyrics are easier than facts. Teachers of young kids know this intrinsically – hence the Alphabet Song. It’s probably … Read more

When It Comes To “Good” Writing, Who's Right?

How To Make Your Writing Serve Your Audience A few years ago when I was attending a conference in Germany, I was asked to join the event communications team. They needed a first-language English speaker to edit their content. No problem, I thought. Well, I was wrong. Most of the articles I needed to edit had … Read more

Taking Tech Too Far? 5 Ways Online Training Can Be Destroyed Due To Technology Distractors

Discussing Technology Distractors In Online Training There’s a popular meme that shows a room full of people, except everyone is staring at their phones. The ‘moral’ is how technology keeps us from human interaction and connection. This denouncement is usually countered logically – you’re not talking to the people around you, but you’re still talking to … Read more

Make Better Training Videos: Techniques Advertisers Use

Advertisers’ Techniques To Leverage In Training Take learning content a step further by using animated videos to engage. Animated videos, if done right, wield the power of visualization that breaks down abstract and complex concepts to more representational, relatable, and memorable content. We see the benefits marketers reap from using animations in their advertising content. … Read more

Personalized eLearning Courses: How Online Fitness Trainers Engage Clients

Here’s What Custom Courses Can Do For You eLearning has taken over the education system. All the courses that were once offered in traditional classes are online. Online fitness trainers have taken advantage of this opportunity. They have developed personalized eCourses for the ever-growing number of fitness enthusiasts. So, how do they ensure student engagement … Read more

4 Important Capabilities Of An Engaging eLearning Program

Improve The Success Of Your eLearning Efforts Learning is a never-ending process and one of the most amazing opportunities we as human beings have to find joy through growth. During the school-age years, learning proficiency is most often assessed through testing. However, as we mature and as we move into specialized roles inside of organizations, … Read more

L&D A Key Driver Of Employee Engagement In 2021 And Beyond

Elevating Employee Engagement Through L&D It’s no secret that organizations that invest in L&D are better positioned to engage employees and in turn support business growth. According to LinkedIn’s 2020 Workplace Learning Report, around 35% of L&D professionals are looking for newer ways to increase learner engagement. An engaged workforce reaps a multitude of benefits, … Read more

Compelling Content Is The New King

Catch And Keep Your Student’s Attention In the wake of COVID-19, eLearning is in the spotlight and facing more scrutiny than ever. The quality of the online experience is quickly becoming an important area of differentiation for companies and higher learning institutions. While there is an abundance of technology and the sea of Learning Management Systems … Read more