Is Distance Education More Than A Band-Aid To Get Us Through COVID-19?

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How To Create Effective Online Learning That Kids Will Love

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How Can Parents Make Their Child's Online Learning A Success?

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The Rise Of Remote Learning In 2021

4 Reasons Remote Learning Is On The Rise In 2021 Last year, COVID-19 created sudden dramatic shifts in how we lived, how we worked, and how we learned. A year later, we are still feeling the impact of the pandemic in our daily lives. Some of the changes, hastily made in response to stay-at-home orders, … Read more

Remote Learning: Helpful Techniques

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Remote Learning Best Practices: The Importance Of Protecting Data Privacy

Why Is Data Protection So Important? Whenever implementing new technology that involves the collection of sensitive data, the GDPR requires identifying and mitigating any risks that could lead to misuse of personal data. These assessments are particularly necessary when handling children’s data, which is especially sensitive. Failing to protect sensitive data can lead to serious … Read more

Implementation Of Blended Learning

Blended Learning The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic affects the delivery of lessons to learners. It paves the way to have new approaches in teaching and learning. The Department of Education (DepEd) provides various distance learning modalities that are suited to the location of the learners. Parents are the ones who decide the applicable learning modality for … Read more