Immersive Learning In Corporate Training: Truths And Misconceptions

Understanding What Immersive Learning Is All About Today’s learners are easily distracted. While it’s easy enough to grab their attention for the short term, keeping them engaged over a longer period of time is challenging indeed! In a world that’s fueled by technology, distractions are everywhere, and pockets keep buzzing. Intriguing Popups from SnapChat, witty … Read more

6 Amazing Instructional Design Strategies For Rapid eLearning

Instructional Design Strategies That Pair Perfectly With Rapid eLearning Just because rapid eLearning is all about high-speed course development, it doesn’t mean it compromises on instructional design. We have some interesting new-age instructional strategies to help you create engaging eLearning courses with the help of rapid eLearning. eBook Release Unveiling Rapid eLearning Design And Development … Read more

Augmented Reality eLearning Tips: How To Create Immersive Performance Management Support

Launch Augmented Reality eLearning For Remote Performance Management Augmented reality eLearning is one of the most results-driven ways to bridge performance gaps and develop internal talent. However, many modern organizations are reluctant to implement AR training for financial reasons. They assume that augmented reality resources are too costly to develop and deploy. Or that they don’t … Read more

Tips To Use Virtual Training For User Education & Immersive Site Tours

The Power Of VR Training For User Education And Beyond Software tools or systems, surgical devices, and even board games commonly require end user training or customer education in order for the customer to get the most out of the item they’ve purchased. Over the years, user education and training has evolved from lengthy user … Read more

Immersive Learning Strategy: How To Use VR For Safety Training And Virtual Events

VR Training To Mitigate Risks And Boost User Engagement The stakes are high when it comes to workplace safety, anti-terrorism training, and threat identification. These situations are also difficult to realistically replicate for training purposes. When mistakes made in real life could be costly or dangerous, virtual reality training is the perfect alternative. VR works … Read more

Your Guide To Use Virtual Reality In Equipment Training

How To Use VR For Immersive Equipment Training Virtual reality technology has opened new worlds of possibilities for training our workforce. With immersive learning, you can put your employees in any location or situation imaginable. They can interact with equipment or other items that would be difficult, expensive, or impossible to have in a real-world … Read more

5 Popular Types Of Learning To Build In VR—And Why They Work! [eBook]

Types Of Learning To Build In VR And Why They’re So Successful Virtual Reality used to be the stuff of sci-fi novels and films. Today, it’s one of the most popular ways to instill real-world experience minus the risk. This ultimate guide highlights 5 practical types of learning to build in VR and why they’re … Read more

Immersive Learning: Virtual Reality Simulation Versus Role-Playing

Which Is Best For Your L&D Program: Virtual Reality Simulations Or Role-Playing? While role playing is an effective tool for allowing learners to practice in a real-world situation, they can often become tedious and difficult to manage. Frankly, while some people love role playing, others hate it (which is understandable). This mode of learning doesn’t … Read more

Using Virtual Reality To Open Doors For Those With Disabilities

Technology Advances Make New Experiences Possible This March was an important milestone for me and my family. 15 years ago, my father was in an ATV accident that left him paralyzed from the mid-chest down. The sudden change in his mobility shifted my family’s lives tremendously; we no longer had family hikes in the mountains, … Read more

Emerging L&D Tech: Top Tools For Immersive Learning

5 Immersive Learning Tools For Online Training Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology that immerses the learner in an alternate environment, providing a sense of presence within that environment. Participants can learn, apply, and reinforce skills and knowledge using experiential interactivity. VR delivers an immersive learning event and increases knowledge transfer using “real-world” experience without … Read more