How To Enable Voice Dictation On Mac (For Free)

by TeachThought Staff What Is Voice Dictation? Voice dictation is simply voice-to-text–that is, the ability to use your voice to ‘type,’ letting the software turn your voice into words. As this technology improves, from voice search to voice dictation and voice control, its applications become more numerous and powerful. Not all voice dictation is created … Read more

How To Create A Forward-Leaning Curriculum

How To Create A Forward-Leaning Curriculum  contributed by Thom Markham, Educator This post has been updated and republished It’s a cliché to say that change comes too rapidly now for us to keep up, but clichés exist for one good reason: They’re often true. In the case of education—an industry that claims to focus on … Read more

15 Ways To Make Remote Teaching Easier–And More Enjoyable

by TeachThought Staff How can you make remote teaching more enjoyable? Easier? More sustainable for both you and students? Of course, there’s no magic wand but we’ve gathered some thoughts below. This post is a mix of tools, tips, and strategies. If you’re looking only for tools, you can read more about the best remote … Read more