5 Strategies For Creating A Genius Mindset In Students

How Can We Help Every Student Tap Their Inner Genius? contributed by Zacc Dukowitz When we hear the word genius, certain people come immediately to mind—Albert Einstein in mathematics, or Warren Buffett in investing—but what exactly sets these people apart? It’s easy to simply shrug and say to ourselves, “Those people are just different.  They … Read more

8 Strategies For Helping Students Learn To Ask For Help

Dear Students, Asking For Help Is A Strength contributed by Penny Kostaras I am a K-12 learning coach. My approach is comprehensive – executive functioning, time management, and academic content. A trend I’ve noticed over my career is a winter influx of bewildered freshman, and I am always sorry that we hadn’t met in the … Read more

9 Ways To Help Students Learn Through Their Mistakes

contributed by bettermarks.com Most people have heard the sayings “You learn from your mistakes,” “Adversity is the school of wisdom,” or are admonished to ‘fail forward.’ Meanwhile, it is a general consensus that making mistakes is an important part of the learning process. This is because if instead of giving up in frustration after making … Read more