6 Innovative Badges To Include In Your HR Online Training Course

HR Online Training Badges That Will Spark Up Your Courses Human Resources is a key department in any organization. Unfortunately, it’s frequently dismissed. Why? Because its practitioners aren’t always well trained. And because so many employees have had a bad experience with HR, they have a blanket negative attitude towards it. By sprucing up the … Read more

3 Advanced Gamification Strategies To Use In 2021

Discover The Top Advanced Gamification Strategies The pandemic has forced organizations to turn digital in their training implementations. This has opened up a plethora of options to create a good learning experience. Many are turning to virtual training in place of classroom training. However, many are taking this period as an opportunity to go completely … Read more

Moving Beyond Gamification To The eLearning Experience Matrix!

Moving Beyond Gamification To eLearning I’m Eric Avery, a veteran game designer with over a decade of experience. When I joined SweetRush last year, I knew very little about eLearning and was a bit confused by its relationship with “gamification in corporate training,” a term that seemed to be thrown around loosely. But SweetRush seemed … Read more

5 Best Gamification Strategies And Trends To Grow A Business

Using Gamification Strategies To Grow Businesses Gamification, a relatively unknown term until a couple of years ago, was first introduced in 2008 by Brett Terrill in a blog covering his time at the 2008 Social Gaming Summit. In Brett’s words, gamification is “taking game elements and applying them to a non-gaming context.” Even a decade later, … Read more