7 Considerations In Using eLearning To Boost Sales

Increase Sales With Proven eLearning Elements There is no doubt that technology has changed corporate training for the better, by all indications, and that there will be no return to older models and methods that required a traditional classroom setting. Technology has provided a paradigm shift and has also opened up new approaches and processes … Read more

Changing Behavior Through Microlearning

Achieving The Most Coveted Result From Your Learning Behavioral change is the biggest indicator of successful learning and is the hardest to achieve. In the case of soft skills training, compliance training, even sales training, a behavioral change should be the expected output and not just completion of the training. Two things have always led … Read more

Learner-Hosted Training Events: 8 Common Mistakes To Avoid

Mistakes That May Derail Your Learner-Hosted Training Events And How To Avoid Them Learner-hosted training events are one of the most interactive online knowledge-sharing tools. Experienced employees get to impart their expertise to co-workers so that they expand their skills and challenge their assumptions. The host even has the chance to gather feedback and learn from … Read more

How To Identify The Training Needs Of Your Employees

Training Needs Analysis Of Your Employees Employees, including the frontline staff, require the right knowledge and skills to perform their tasks effectively. Training is required to upskill employees and to expand their capabilities. However, we know that every employee has a unique skillset, attitude, and competency. So, training employees with a one-size-fits-all approach would not … Read more

How To Ignite Learner Engagement And Drive Employee Performance Using Gamified Learning Approaches

Why Do Most Organizations Find It Difficult To Enable Gamification For Serious Learning? The reason that most organizations fail to leverage gamification for serious learning is that they see it as a dichotomy: How can something fun and exciting (gamification) accomplish something serious (learning)? A popular myth that alludes to the fact that gamification doesn’t … Read more

Voice Over As An Investment: The New Essential Of Employee Training

2020: A Game Changer Year eLearning content is known to compete with “home” distractions like house chores, errands, and family obligations [1]. For this reason, key features like enjoyment and comprehension are significantly important for eLearning providers. The native language is crucial when it comes to proper understanding and comprehension. The Right Voice Over: The … Read more

The Silver Lining Of Bite-Sized Learning Nuggets: 3 Training Modalities For Microlearning

How To Use Microlearning For Employee Development You’ve probably heard the term microlearning thrown around a lot regarding eLearning and training programs. That’s no surprise: microlearning, which turns training into “bite-sized learning nuggets” has become an increasingly popular modality to use for improving employee performance over the last decade. But if you haven’t already made … Read more

What Is Microlearning? Critical Characteristics And Benefits That Can’t Go Unnoticed

What Is Microlearning And Why Does It Deliver Major Results? Microlearning has been around, in some sense, since humans first taught one another something new. Most of us had the childhood experience of having someone older and more skilled or knowledgeable standing next to us while we tried to learn a new skill and then … Read more

Adult Learning Tactics For Sales Training Effectiveness

How To Design Sales Trainings For Adult Learners Developing the perfect sales training program can feel next to impossible; keeping spirits high, engagement up, and information relevant is not an easy act to juggle. While it may be tempting to adopt a traditional didactic approach that features passive listening from your audience, many Instructional Designers … Read more

Iceberg! Right Ahead!

Why Your Training Sinks I wish this wasn’t true, but the sad reality is that the vast majority of training doesn’t work. Some estimates put the success of training interventions at as little as 10%. Think about that for a minute. If only 10% of training is transferred to a learner’s role, that means 90% … Read more