5-Phase New Employee Onboarding Checklist Template

How To Make A New Employee Onboarding Checklist – Your All-In-One Template One goal of onboarding is to get new employees comfortable and feeling like they’re part of your company’s culture from the moment they sign their offer letter, because that’s when their onboarding experience truly starts. You probably already have a checklist of things … Read more

Reluctant Online Learners: 7 Reasons Why The Sign-Up Rate Of Your Corporate Training Course Is Low And How To Boost It

How To Win Reluctant Online Learners Over And Increase Course Sign-Ups Some corporate learners jump at every chance to broaden their skills and improve work performance. Then there are others who avoid online training at any expense. However, there are some corporate eLearning challenges that make virtually everyone reluctant to enroll in the online training … Read more

5 Subtle Cues That Your Employees Are Not Emotionally Connecting During Online Training

Emotionally Connecting During Online Training: How To Tell Your Employees Are Not Syncing Connecting emotion to an incident is a good aid to memory. The more you ‘feel’, the better you’ll remember the incident. This is helpful for online training because it enhances recall. Your online training content will be far more successful if you can … Read more