3 Tips To Keep Learners Engaged During A Virtual Training Session

How To Engage Learners During Virtual Training Virtual training has become the norm due to the pandemic that swept across the globe in 2020. Most classroom training sessions had to be moved online, with instructors using virtual tools such as Zoom, Webex, Teams, and others to conduct the sessions. But has the transition been smooth? … Read more

3 Challenges That Can Accompany Remote Work

This Is Not An Easy Road To Travel Remote work challenges are now more common than ever. As more organizations turn to partial or fully remote workforces, three common roadblocks emerge: making room for informal and relationship-building communication, providing equal access to valuable learning opportunities, and defining and building an intentional company culture. eBook Release … Read more

eBook Release: Virtual Onboarding Handbook—How Τo Set Up Remote Workers For Success

Your All-In-One Guide For Remote Employee Onboarding Even before they clock in and participate in their first training exercise, new staffers should be familiar with your core values and company mission. But how do you go beyond traditional orientations and make them a valued member of your organization? This virtual employee onboarding handbook has all … Read more

Emotional Connection And The Neurologically Diverse Workforce

Promoting Neurodiversity Autism can present itself in wonderful ways for children and adults when we are willing to open our eyes to possibilities before us. However, for most of us, our preconceived notions of patterns of speech and communication get in the way of our ability to see these possibilities. These possibilities take the form … Read more

Advanced Virtual Training Strategies To Use In 2021

Virtual Training Strategies And Tips To Adopt In 2021 The pandemic and the rules of social distancing have led all training to be either virtual or a combination of online and virtual, meaning the trainers have to be more versatile and should be able to switch from one mode to another. Does that mean you … Read more

How To Structure Virtual Team Meetings For Inclusion And Equity

Diversity Best Practices For Virtual Interactions L&D professionals think about structure and skill-building when we design anything from whole learning programs down to individual learning interactions. But we start by defining objectives. The objectives for a team meeting dictate who to invite, the sequence and types of activities, and what success looks like. When a … Read more

How To Overcome Common Training Challenges With Custom eLearning Solutions

Tips For Increased Employee Engagement As organizations are shifting more toward digital learning as a solution for their dynamic workforces, custom eLearning solutions have begun to dominate training modalities. Research by Brandon Hall found that 85% of organizations have reduced the use of Instructor-Led Training (ILT) while the use of digital learning modalities like virtual … Read more

9 Tips To Engage Learners Through Web Conferences

How To Deliver An Interactive Web Conference To some, the term “interactive web conference” may seem like an oxymoron. It may bring up images of remote team members staring passively at their screens while a presenter scrolls through slides. It’s only a matter of time before the learners get distracted by side chats, cleaning out … Read more

Engaging Remote Workers With A Personalized Learning Experience

3 Ways To Personalize Learning For Remote Workers After a year of remote work, I think we’re all missing that feeling of connection you get from being physically in the office, from simple things like water-cooler conversations and celebrating big wins with a team lunch to awkwardly singing happy birthday to someone in the break … Read more

How To Engage Your Learners In The Remote Workplace Through Immersive Learning Strategies

Secrets To Engage Learners In The Remote Workplace Connecting with distant learners, and keeping them engaged throughout the learning journey, is a challenge for L&D professionals. This newfound learning environment denotes that trainers need to work “differently” to hold the learners’ engagement. However, virtual learning involves a different training paradigm where learners are fully immersed … Read more