Will You Be A Disruptor Or Get Disrupted?

The Pending Emerging Technology Revolution Perhaps the best way to examine the issues and opportunities created by this period of emerging technology-driven disruptive change is to ask ourselves these questions: Are you as an individual/professional and as a leader willing to accept that a course correction is becoming necessary? Given the emerging technology adoption that … Read more

Top Strategies For An Effective Digital Makeover Of Your Enterprise

Top Strategies To Make Enterprise Fully Digital Technology advances at a rapid pace. Major trends like mobility, social networking, cloud computing, and data analytics are combined to transform modern enterprises digitally. Digital transformation solutions consist of these trends and emerging technologies including AI, AR, and IoT. These solutions are present in various online gateways like … Read more

The Future Of Post-COVID eLearning: How AR Is Set To Revolutionize The Industry

Let’s Explore How AR Is Changing eLearning Amidst the rise of the global pandemic [1], the educational sector has been massively impacted. Not only have educational institutions been temporarily closed and shut down for a long period, there was much uncertainty looming surrounding the course of action to be taken. As a result of the … Read more

Emerging Technology: Critical Shortfalls

Addressing The Needs Of The Emerging Tech Economy A growing threat to the continued evolution and growth of the global economy, technology sectors, and nearly every organization in general now exists. At this point, there is no solution identified for these critical shortfalls. The sum of the emerging technologies stands ready to disruptively change virtually … Read more