What Is An Asynchronous Learning Community?

What Is An Asynchronous Learning Community? by Terry Heick What Is Asynchronous Learning? An Asynchronous Learning Community is one where students learn together bound by some component–often a goal, topic, or learning space–rather than time (i.e., at the same time). As always, there are always exceptions. Not all asynchronous learning is the same and new … Read more

What Is Remote Learning? A Definition For Teachers And Students

What Is Remote Learning? A Definition For Teachers And Students by TeachThought Staff What is remote learning? Remote learning is the practice of moving a formerly in-person learning process online–usually temporarily. While there isn’t one single definition for remote learning any more than there is a single definition for ‘learning through play,’ the big idea … Read more

5 Teaching Strategies For Deep Learning In Virtual Environments

contributed by Jay McTighe, Harvey Silver, and Matthew Perini  Learning is learning, whether in a classroom, at a library, or within a virtual environment. However, regardless of the venue, learning can vary—from superficial to substantive. We wrote this blog post because we know that so many teachers across the country are looking for ways to make online and … Read more

30 Of The Best Tools For Remote Teaching And Learning

contributed by HCOS Learning Commons and updated by TeachThought Staff This resource collection is self-explanatory and needs very little contextualizing: remote teaching tools are always useful but recently, they’ve become emphasized more than ever–and also have become better than ever themselves, too. It’s easy to take for granted the sheer volume of quality learning resources … Read more

What Is Reader’s Theater? Using Literacy For Online Student Engagement

Image attribution flickeringbrad contributed by Kathrina O’Connell Last summer my school’s middle-school literacy academy abruptly shifted to distance learning due to COVID-19. With smiles on our faces, we told our students how excited we were to see them online the next day. With fear in our hearts, we quietly worried how we would teach our … Read more