Think About It: Why Examining Your Assumptions Is Critical To Intentional Practice

Why Critical Reflection Is Anything But Optional “We teach who we are [1].” As I read this phrase from Parker Palmer’s book The Courage to Teach, my thoughts were simultaneously “Yes!” and “Oh no…” I have seen this truth in my own practice again and again. When I take the time to ask, “Why did … Read more

6 Things To Consider When Choosing An Online Course

eLearning During COVID-19 Every week we had different aspects of reading to focus on, and different topics of discussion posted to the course forum, where we could share our thoughts and theories. My peers were various: people in their twenties and seventies, different nationalities, tastes, social and cultural backgrounds. What brought us together was the … Read more

How To Achieve True Interactivity In Your Online Course

How To Achieve True Interactivity Learners are better able to engage in courses in which they can explore and learn at their own pace. More so, learners love eLearning professionals that react fast to the latest trends like this. Interactivity is highly crucial to online courses, but how do you achieve true interactivity in online … Read more

3 Tips To Keep Learners Engaged During A Virtual Training Session

How To Engage Learners During Virtual Training Virtual training has become the norm due to the pandemic that swept across the globe in 2020. Most classroom training sessions had to be moved online, with instructors using virtual tools such as Zoom, Webex, Teams, and others to conduct the sessions. But has the transition been smooth? … Read more

Understanding Hybrid Learning And How To Use It

Best Practices For Developing Hybrid Learning If you’ve attended an institution of higher education or a trade school in the last dozen or so years, chances are high that you’ve encountered a course design known as “hybrid learning.” To say that a course will follow a hybrid learning model is commonly understood to mean that … Read more

When It Comes To “Good” Writing, Who's Right?

How To Make Your Writing Serve Your Audience A few years ago when I was attending a conference in Germany, I was asked to join the event communications team. They needed a first-language English speaker to edit their content. No problem, I thought. Well, I was wrong. Most of the articles I needed to edit had … Read more

Important Elements Of eLearning Courses

5 Elements Of  An eLearning Course Although there is no one-size-fits-all when designing eLearning courses, eLearning professionals are mindful of the fundamental elements of eLearning courses in order to construct a well-structured training course. Every professional has their unique way of using these elements to design a structured eLearning training that adds value to their … Read more

How Can Parents Make Their Child's Online Learning A Success?

Make Online Learning A Success With A Few Tips They say change doesn’t happen overnight, but this change did. Educational institutions across the globe shifted the learning process to virtual platforms overnight without giving enough time to students and their parents to acclimatize to the new learning ecosystem. Distance learning indeed helped in continuing education … Read more