Using Marketing Automation To Enhance Corporate eLearning

Automate For A Better eLearning Experience Marketing automation traditionally refers to technologies and software platforms specifically designed to aid organizations and their marketing departments in their efforts to market through multiple channels and automate repetitive tasks to save time and get the job done effectively. Used properly, marketing automation can increase leads, helping to qualify … Read more

8 Ways Marketing Localization Can Boost Revenue For Corporate Training Pros

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Alternative Interpretations Of The MVP Concept

What Is A Minimum Viable Product? Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is an already established concept of developing new products fast in order to reduce the time-to-market period. Many business development consultants and software developers swear by it, but there are voices that say the concept of MVP is now irrelevant, as end-customers are looking for … Read more

How Inbound And Outbound Marketing Complement Each Other

Inbound And Outbound Marketing In the inbound vs. outbound marketing face-off, there is no real winner. In fact, the two forms of marketing are most profitable when implemented together. Think about it: While inbound methods help you streamline efforts to reach and engage a target audience, outbound methods help you build brand awareness. The different … Read more

5 Tips To Determine The Perfect Price Point For Your Online Training Certification Course

How To Determine The Perfect Price Point For Your Online Training Certification Course When you’re running a business, you want to make a profit. Ideally, this means you should earn more than you spend creating the product or service. For physical products, you take the price of your components and tag on a percentage. You … Read more