Why Use A Net Promoter Score?

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5 Ways Alternative Data Is Used In eCommerce

How Alternative Data Revolutionizes eCommerce eCommerce has been booming in the past few years and saw a massive boost during the COVID-19 crisis. In April of 2020, eCommerce sales in North America increased by 129% year over year. This trend should continue as consumer habits change. One of the ways eCommerce businesses can prevail in … Read more

7 Golden Rules For Pricing Your Online Course

How To Price Your Online Course Correctly Most instructors would agree that choosing a price is one of the trickier decisions involved in the course creation process. On the one hand, the price needs to maximize revenue potential so your knowledge business can grow properly; but on the other, charging too much might lead to … Read more

How To Keep Your Sales Team Engaged During Your Product Training Sessions

Quick Tips To Engage Your Sales Team When it comes to maintaining a strong sales pipeline, employees with thorough knowledge of products are indispensable. Your product may be amazing, but if your employees lack product knowledge, they will do a poor job explaining your product’s value to the customers.  A good product training program ensures your … Read more

Assess Your Sales Force Readiness In 2021 With Gamification And Microlearning

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The Promise Of Alternative Data And What It Can Teach Us About Product Marketing

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Optimize Product Adoption With A Retooled Customer Training Strategy

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How To Use Gamification To Scale Businesses

Elevate Internal Business Functions With Gamification So how do you use gamification to scale businesses? The idea behind gamification is simple: the more a person can be engaged in an activity, the more that person will want to participate in that activity. That’s easy to quantify and easy to apply to a broad range of … Read more

What To Expect From eLearning Trade Shows In 2021

Learn how trade shows in the eLearning space will be different this year and how to get the most from an eLearning trade show. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

The Advantages Of eLearning And Online Training For Businesses

eLearning Advantages, Tips, And Top Trends Technology has affected several businesses and industries on a universal scale and continues to alter developments in the way we live, work, and study. Higher education has made notable advancements since the inception of eLearning, and it seems that things are progressing even faster. While getting an education in … Read more