7 Surprising Drawbacks Of Online Peer-Based Feedback And Tips To Avoid Them

Peer-Based Feedback: How To Avoid 7 Surprising Drawbacks You want your online learners to feel free to share their thoughts and opinions for the betterment of their peers. However, eLearning feedback can sometimes be messy, especially if the giver isn’t aware of the receiver’s emotions, background, and experiences. This is often the case in remote … Read more

How To Give The Reins Of Decision-Making To The Employee

Performance Management We all have heard that a team works best when they feel in control and are allowed to make their own decisions. The word “management” is often confused and misconstrued, while its role can be an enabler and an influencer. Thus, performance management requires a suitable enablement framework to utilize employees’ strengths and … Read more

How Learning Actually Works In The Real World

Facilitating The Learning Process If you haven’t already had the pleasure of reading my interview on “Why Content Aggregation is NOT the Answer to the Skills Gap” with Fuse Product Director Rhys Giles, I highly recommend it. Rhys delivered a lot of insight and helped me to understand why LXPs’ approach to skills is not … Read more

Feedback Alternatives To Make eLearning More Empowering

Make The Virtual Classroom Feel More Connective Although eLearning can provide personalized responses to students’ work, the grading system is still relatively black and white. After taking an online assessment, a question is either right or wrong, with no response as to what the student should work on to improve in the future. Although we … Read more