How To Convert Your Classroom Training To Virtual Training

Convert Your Classroom Training: 3 Stress-Free Steps And 3 Mistakes To Avoid What do you want the learner to be able to do at the end of the e-learning course? Typically, it is not to be amazed by how many interactive features the developer was able to execute within the authoring tool. For example, if … Read more

Adaptivity Is The New Planning: Training Is At Its Core [eBook]

How To Adapt To Change And Continually Develop Your L&D Strategy The COVID crisis has taught us that we should always expect the unexpected. Most organizations never dreamed of moving their entire operation online and switching to telecommuting teams so quickly. However, it has also highlighted the importance of flexibility. The Adaptivity Is The New … Read more

A Better Process For Buying & Implementing A Learning Platform

4 Steps For Buying & Implementing A Learning Platform…The Right Way! In our previous article, we highlighted the challenges that organizations face when buying and implementing a learning platform. So, here’s our alternative. Instead of going straight to a high-stakes business case based on what really comes down to hypothetical assumptions, do these four things: … Read more

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Talent Development Capability Model To Unlock Employee Potential

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Virtual Learning Environment Challenges: Designing VILT To Be More Accessible

How To Make VILT Experiences Accessible And Engaging It is clear that people with disabilities face obstacles when it comes to traditional instructor-led training. Organizations today accommodate for their needs; making handouts available in larger print or providing adaptive hearing devices. While the virtual classroom removes the barrier of traveling to a physical location, it … Read more

How Training Needs Analysis Helps L&D Overcome Common Learning Design Challenges

Become A Trusted Partner To Your Organization With increased pressure to be more agile and responsive than ever—hello, pandemic, I’m looking at you!—it’s understandable that L&D teams might be looking for ways to scale back or sidestep the training needs analysis process altogether. But this is a mistake. As L&D professionals, we all face similar … Read more

5 Surefire Ways To Use An LMS For Your Customer Retention Strategies

Customer Retention Strategies: Using A Customer Education LMS To Build Trust Do your customer retention strategies establish trust and foster long-term business growth? How likely are customers to use your product in the long term and spread the word about their experience? An LMS helps create targeted customer training to improve customer retention rates. Self-driven … Read more

Needs Analysis: Knowing, Doing, Believing – What Are Your Goals?

Secrets Of Goal Setting For Business Needs Analysis: Knowing, Doing, Believing This article is part of a series focused on the Seven Elements of Needs Analysis. The Elements are: Curriculum Mapping, Know/Do/Believe, Defining the Audience, Designing a Learning Brand, Defining the Return on Investment, Building the Team, and Scoping the Project. What you are about … Read more

Remote Team Dynamics: How To Launch A Successful Conflict Management Training Program For Your Global Workforce

How Do You Implement A Personalized Conflict Management Training Program For Global Teams? A conflict management training program is more than just instilling basic interpersonal skills and teaching employees how to diffuse arguments. It also prevents conflicts before they even begin so that you can maintain a safe and supportive work environment. Every member of … Read more