Curriculum Mapping And Training Design – Can You See The Big Picture?

7 Crucial Questions For Curriculum Mapping And Training Design This article is part of a series focused on the Seven Elements of Needs Analysis. The Elements are: Curriculum Mapping, Know/Do/Believe, Defining the Audience, Designing a Learning Brand, Defining the Return on Investment, Building the Team, and Scoping the Project. eBook Release How To Change The … Read more

How To Incorporate The Laws Of UX With Designing Learning Experiences

The Laws Of User/Learner Experience When you understand the way people think and process information, you then can design and develop learning experiences that have an impactful outcome and result in the desired change. As Instructional Designers, we focus on structuring content that’s conducive to learning. Centering the content around the learners opens the door … Read more

Important Elements Of eLearning Courses

5 Elements Of  An eLearning Course Although there is no one-size-fits-all when designing eLearning courses, eLearning professionals are mindful of the fundamental elements of eLearning courses in order to construct a well-structured training course. Every professional has their unique way of using these elements to design a structured eLearning training that adds value to their … Read more

Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts: 8 Essential Elements Of A Synergistic eLearning Strategy

The 8 Essential Elements Of A Synergistic eLearning Strategy A synergistic eLearning strategy might sound like a daunting prospect, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s about looking at eLearning as a whole, not in parts. Instead of tackling online training, social learning, microlearning, mobile and the rest as individual tasks, think of a tandem … Read more

Workforce Development: Reflection (Learning By Doing, Learning By Thinking)

Think Again: Highlighting And Underlining Change of any kind starts with re-examining how we know things and re-evaluating assumptions. Adam Grant has many examples about questioning how we know things in his latest book, Think Again!. Sometimes thinking again saves lives, other times it saves time or mental effort, as in the case of learning … Read more

Elements Of VILT In 2021

How The Elements Of VILT Can Help Your Organization There are some important elements in VILT that can make the difference between the success and failure of your learning scheme. eBook Release eLearning Trends 2021: A View From The Trenches Explore 5 eLearning trends adopted by high-performing organizations you should be adopting to become an … Read more

Become An eLearning Champion: Training Strategy And eLearning—Part 2

Integrating eLearning Int0 Your Training Strategy In Part 1 of this 3-part series, I introduced the persona of an “eLearning Champion” who, according to me, is a lover of both learning/training as well as technology. They channel this love into championing the cause of eLearning and its various technology-based cousins to further the effectiveness of … Read more