Andragogical Considerations: How eLearning Helps

Andragogical Considerations The way kids learn differs significantly from the way adults learn. Likewise, there are two fields of study about how humans learn: pedagogy and andragogy. Pedagogy deals with children and their learning process while andragogy deals with adults and how they learn. Thus, to design effective learning material for adults, we need to … Read more

8 Reasons Why Your Online Training Course Breaks The 8-Second Attention Span Rule

The 8-Second Attention Span Rule: Why Your Online Training Course Might Be Breaking It We used to say goldfish and elephants have short memories. But goldfish approach the glass at feeding times (or really whenever you walk by). They can eat themselves to death and seem to forget they already ate. And elephants mourn their dead, … Read more

Emotional Learning: The Crucial Role The Amygdala Plays In The Learning Process

Emotional Learning And The Importance Of The Amygdala In The Learning Process The first screen in your eLearning course: that’s where your online learners’ emotions are triggered. None of us can help it – our amygdala is the part of the brain that deals with the fight/flight response. In emotional eLearning terms, this center of … Read more

How To Incorporate The Laws Of UX With Designing Learning Experiences

The Laws Of User/Learner Experience When you understand the way people think and process information, you then can design and develop learning experiences that have an impactful outcome and result in the desired change. As Instructional Designers, we focus on structuring content that’s conducive to learning. Centering the content around the learners opens the door … Read more

Developing Standalone Original eLearning Resources: Why Do it?

Learners’ Needs And Curricular Constraints You are very aware of your learners’ needs and yet there is only so much curriculum time available to teach or coach them. Teach less, learn more. Spend more time on feedback and spaced practice—that’s how learners learn. Many trainers would agree that we understand learners’ needs and yet we … Read more

Become An eLearning Champion: Linking Training To Business Results—Part 3

Is Your Training Linked To Business Results? In the first part of this series, I introduced the persona of an “eLearning Champion” and revisited some basic aspects of training and learning. In the second part, I dealt with how to fit eLearning into the overall training strategy, including blending eLearning with classroom training. This final … Read more

7 False Assumptions That Most eLearning Professionals Make When Developing Personal Learning Paths

Common Personal Learning Paths Misconceptions Developing personal learning paths requires in-depth audience research so that you can individualize your eLearning content. Beyond that, things get a bit fuzzy for many eLearning professionals. They know that the ultimate goal is to facilitate meaning and help online learners bridge personal gaps. However, there’s more to developing these … Read more

Busting 8 Common eLearning Template Myths

Common eLearning Template Myths And The Truth Behind Them Some eLearning professionals avoid eLearning templates like the plague. It’s not that they don’t want to save time and avoid starting from scratch. What’s preventing them from using pre-built layouts are misconceptions. That eLearning templates are the ‘lazy’ route or that they lack the necessary skills … Read more

High-Impact Continual Learning And Tips For Integrating Learning Resources With An LXP To Personalize The Process

Use High-Impact Continual Learning To Help Your Learners Achieve Their Goals High-impact continual learning is a process, and offering our learners continual learning opportunities along the journey will help them beat the forgetting curve. And irrespective of the format, for training to be effective, it has to be aligned with the business objectives. Cascading learning … Read more

4 Important Capabilities Of An Engaging eLearning Program

Improve The Success Of Your eLearning Efforts Learning is a never-ending process and one of the most amazing opportunities we as human beings have to find joy through growth. During the school-age years, learning proficiency is most often assessed through testing. However, as we mature and as we move into specialized roles inside of organizations, … Read more