The What, Why, And How Of Needs Assessments

What Is A Needs Assessment? Gus Presta described a needs assessment as “a study of the gap between an organization’s desired state and its current state. When done correctly, a needs assessment challenges assumptions and broadens the discussion to include data and divergent perspectives, mitigates groupthink and individual biases, enables better decision making, engenders inclusion, … Read more

Are You Ready To Facilitate In The Virtual Classroom?

5 Best Virtual Classroom Facilitation Practices You’re about to facilitate your first virtual classroom session. You’re familiar with the content, have delivered it face-to-face in a classroom setting, and have been a participant in the virtual classroom before. Surely it can’t be that hard to facilitate online. As an ATD facilitator for the traditional classroom … Read more

Decoding The Science Of Workplace Learning

Future-Proof Your Learners The Right Way I am not sure who it was that said, “You should not let your schooling interfere with your education.” Whoever it was, definitely had a point to make. The world of work as we knew it has undergone a change because of the pandemic. This has caused the acceleration … Read more

Hybrid Learning In Education

What Is Hybrid Learning? Some students are unwilling to let go of the traditional way of learning. For this reason, many schools are willing to adopt the hybrid learning method, which combines face-to-face learning with online resources. This blended learning method meets the needs of virtually all students and has stayed relevant in education. In … Read more

Top 11 Factors To Consider When Implementing eLearning

The Steps For eLearning Content Development With the advancement in technology, it is true that education and learning can be taken to a virtual platform. And this has been proved by many organizations and institutions that are already providing virtual courses and online classes. eLearning platforms have a lot of benefits for both eLearning content … Read more

Top 5 Best Practices L&D Must Incorporate Into Their Strategy To Offer A Personalized Learning Experience To Learners

A Personalized Learning Experience Is The Norm Today It’s a known fact that personalization is now an intrinsic part of routine life. Whether it is looking for movie or music recommendations, food options, or shopping choices, instant and personalized search results are the norm for everything. But this type of recommendation is not limited to … Read more

When Setbacks Are Opportunities For Change: Best Assessment Practices

Reevaluation And Innovation In Assessment Every time we are faced with a challenge or setback, it involves making a change—and change includes the acts of reevaluation and innovation. In education, we were faced with an abrupt disruption and ensuing reevaluation as educators were forced to throw lesson plans (some of them decades-old) out the window, … Read more

The Future And Application Of eLearning Industry In India

Learn Why You Should Leverage An eLearning Platform The eLearning industry has grown as per the demand and is expected to grow up to 10% yearly. Many companies have started using eLearning courses to cater to the needs of people wanting to make a career in this field. eLearning is becoming more popular day by … Read more

How To Reach Online Learners Smartly

Engaging Your Existing Online Learners In her article [1], Dayna Christians mentions that there are ways in which an online teacher can reach out to their students more promptly than perhaps in a physical environment. Dayna argues that people might assume technology is a hindrance when it comes to one-to-one classes, but on the contrary, … Read more

10 Rules Of Etiquette For Learners In The Polite Society Of A Business

Sir Lennington’s Rules Of Etiquette For Online Learners Let it be clarified that this handbook (which is available for download) outlines two separate sets of etiquette – one for those who practice learning and development as a profession and another for those for whom assignments of learning have been set forth. Both sections may be read … Read more