Think About It: Why Examining Your Assumptions Is Critical To Intentional Practice

Why Critical Reflection Is Anything But Optional “We teach who we are [1].” As I read this phrase from Parker Palmer’s book The Courage to Teach, my thoughts were simultaneously “Yes!” and “Oh no…” I have seen this truth in my own practice again and again. When I take the time to ask, “Why did … Read more

6 Things To Consider When Choosing An Online Course

eLearning During COVID-19 Every week we had different aspects of reading to focus on, and different topics of discussion posted to the course forum, where we could share our thoughts and theories. My peers were various: people in their twenties and seventies, different nationalities, tastes, social and cultural backgrounds. What brought us together was the … Read more

How To Achieve True Interactivity In Your Online Course

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Is Distance Education More Than A Band-Aid To Get Us Through COVID-19?

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Hidden eBook Gems: 11 Titles You Should Check Out Today (And 1 Standout Webinar)

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Why Discussion Forums Are Helpful In Training

Benefits Of Discussion Forums In Training The discussion forum is the heart of online training because learners from different locations can easily interact and learn from each other. Furthermore, discussion forums create collaborative learning that adds more uniqueness to your eLearning course. It is even easier nowadays for eLearning professionals to create discussion forums through … Read more

How To Implement And Sustain eLearning In The Workplace

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eBook Release: eLearning Trends 2021—A View From The Trenches

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6 Best Practices That Will Shape The Future Of Virtual Events

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How To Make eLearning Smooth And Engaging: Tips And Tools

Experience-Based Tips For Engaging Asynchronous eLearning Today, distance education is the topic of the hour. Global pandemics stated this issue quite sharply; students and teachers were forced to accept new rules immediately and quickly adapt to a new format. Making the eLearning environment productive and engaging is a matter of strategy. Let’s be honest, engaging … Read more