Where Are the School Librarians? New Study Shows 20 Percent Decline In Past Decade

Even as students are sorting through information online more than ever, the number of school librarians who could help them learn the fundamentals of research and media literacy have been quietly disappearing. A report published today from the School Librarian Investigation: Decline or Evolution? (SLIDE), a research project through Antioch University Seattle and funded by … Read more

After Pandemic Surge, Coding Tool Scratch Is Focused on Supporting Teaching

As homebound students and teachers looked for online resources during the pandemic, many turned to Scratch, a free coding system for kids developed by the MIT Media Lab. Scratch was already a popular option. It’s been around since 2007 as a way to make animations and simple video games by combining Lego-like icons representing different … Read more

The Key to Detecting Misinformation? Your Own Curiosity

The classic book “How to Lie With Statistics,” first published in 1954, is probably the biggest bestseller of all time on how to make sense of numbers. But it has left a troubling legacy—leading to a distrust of all kinds of statistics, even ones that can help make sense of things like today’s global pandemic. … Read more

Are You a Digital Threat to Your College? Read This to Find Out

There are approximately 3,700 higher ed institutions in the U.S. There are about 1,329,900 teachers employed by these institutions. Add in roughly 144,880 administrators, and that means nearly 1.5 million post-secondary educators are at risk of losing their jobs today by performing one single act: Posting on social media. Around the world there were 4.20 … Read more

How Digital Skills Can Promote Cultural Literacy and Create Pathways to Equity

Coding and computer science are typically associated with outcomes around problem-solving and analytical skills. For instruction that yields cultural literacy, we most often look to language arts and social sciences. But Victor Hicks approaches these academic pathways as complementary, not contradictory. With Google’s Applied Digital Skills as his foundation, Hicks prioritizes culturally relevant teaching through … Read more