The Gray Area Of Change

Technology Disrupts Future Jobs And Skills One thing appears to be clear, that is the actions of governments, organizations, and individuals, while in this gray area, will undoubtedly determine who the winners and losers are globally. Given all that is at stake, leaders, executives, directors, and officers, and many in the general workforce must immediately … Read more

Immersive Learning In Corporate Training: Truths And Misconceptions

Understanding What Immersive Learning Is All About Today’s learners are easily distracted. While it’s easy enough to grab their attention for the short term, keeping them engaged over a longer period of time is challenging indeed! In a world that’s fueled by technology, distractions are everywhere, and pockets keep buzzing. Intriguing Popups from SnapChat, witty … Read more

6 Ways To Use Microlearning To Enable Learning In The Flow of Work

Learning In The Flow Of Work “Learning in the flow of work” is a phrase first used by Josh Bersin in 2018. In his concept, he proposes that learning should be a part of the daily work of employees. He also opines that while learning in the flow of work is not necessarily the solution … Read more

Will You Be A Disruptor Or Get Disrupted?

The Pending Emerging Technology Revolution Perhaps the best way to examine the issues and opportunities created by this period of emerging technology-driven disruptive change is to ask ourselves these questions: Are you as an individual/professional and as a leader willing to accept that a course correction is becoming necessary? Given the emerging technology adoption that … Read more