7 Essential Diversity And Inclusion Training Activities That Improve ROI

Diversity and inclusion online training fosters goodwill among your employees and ensures mutual respect. But they can also benefit your company’s bottom line. In this article, I feature 7 essential diversity and inclusion online training activities that improve ROI. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

7 Considerations In Using eLearning To Boost Sales

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Learner-Hosted Training Events: 8 Common Mistakes To Avoid

Mistakes That May Derail Your Learner-Hosted Training Events And How To Avoid Them Learner-hosted training events are one of the most interactive online knowledge-sharing tools. Experienced employees get to impart their expertise to co-workers so that they expand their skills and challenge their assumptions. The host even has the chance to gather feedback and learn from … Read more

6 Tips To Use LMS Reports To Improve Your Onboarding Online Training Course

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eBook Release: Successful Employee Training Explained

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How To Choose A Virtual Training Solution

What Type Of Platform Do You Need? You may think you are ready to choose a virtual training solution, but have you decided on the platform yet? Although they share some similarities and are sometimes viewed as interchangeable, there are big differences between presentation platforms, online meeting platforms, and online training platforms. Presentation platforms have … Read more

8 Online Training Topics Employees Dread And Tips To Turn The Tides

Are employees thinking of every excuse in the book to skip the next L&D session? In this article, I’ll highlight 8 online training topics employees dread and tips to turn things around. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Online Training Simulation Mistakes: 6 Elements That Ruin Learner Immersion

Online Training Simulation Mistakes And Tips To Avoid Them One of the most grievous online training simulation mistakes is pulling learners out of the experience. Immersion is the word we all reach for when describing a positive online training program. We want to engage the corporate learner to the point where they won’t even consider … Read more

Benefits Of Virtual Training During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Is Virtual Training Just A Trend? The benefits of virtual training are plenty. Although it is currently enjoying a lot of media attention, it has actually been around for decades. The concept originated more than 170 years ago in Great Britain when professors and students who could not interact in person on a university campus … Read more

7 Signs That Your Microlearning Library Needs An Overhaul

Tell-Tale Signs That You Need To Revamp Your Microlearning Online Training Library Microlearning online training repositories require regular maintenance. Lest they fall into disrepair and become a strain on your valuable L&D resources. You must ensure that they reflect the latest trends, compliance topics, and on-the-job tasks. But how can you tell if your bite-sized assets are … Read more