Kindergarten Transitions Are Never Easy. But the Pandemic Has Made It Harder.

In an ordinary year, a child’s entrance into kindergarten is a major milestone for students and their families. The transition can be filled with trepidation, anticipation, eagerness and uncertainty. Some kids enter more prepared than others, with more support and more exposure to formal educational settings. Other children will have experienced nothing like it before. … Read more

How These Districts Prioritized Relationships and Social-Emotional Support During the Pandemic

When schools shuttered suddenly more than a year ago, teachers and staff scrambled to recreate their school communities as best they could in a virtual environment. And while teaching and learning is a central component, not to be overlooked are the other, auxiliary experiences: the relationships forged, the support services provided, the social-emotional needs met. … Read more

Contract Tracing? Sports? Experts Explain School Reopening Research and Recommendations

It’s been a busy few months for schools reopening—and perhaps an even busier time for the agencies releasing guidance on how to do those reopenings safely. In February, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released its operational strategy guide for K-12 schools, a collection of prevention strategies and implementation tips for safe in-person learning. … Read more

Worried About Student Mental Health, a College President Moved Into the Dorms

When an outbreak of COVID-19 cases led Norwich University to put the campus on lockdown, the school asked students to stay in their dorm rooms full time, except to use the bathroom. Pretty soon, the university’s president, Mark Anarumo, began to worry about the mental-health impacts of that social isolation. So Anarumo made an unusual … Read more

Is the Solution to College Zoom Fatigue … a Different Video Platform?

Just as the pandemic is loosening its grip and schools and colleges move back to in-person classes, new startups are offering video platforms they say do a better job for teaching than Zoom or other mass-market systems. One of the latest entrants is Engageli (pronounced, “engage-ly”), which a few months ago scored $14.5 million in … Read more

Growing Evidence Indicates It Is Safe to Reopen School Buildings

The number of schools resuming in-person instruction continues to grow, as the U.S. ramps up its vaccination campaign and daily coronavirus cases continue to decline. As of mid-March, about half of U.S. students are attending traditional in-person school every day, and about 30 percent are participating in some face-to-face learning through a hybrid model, according … Read more

How Three Nonprofits Are Connecting Kids With Diverse Mentors During the Pandemic

Friday the 13th turned out to hold more than the usual amount of superstitious bad luck in March 2020. On that day, millions of teachers and families across the U.S. learned that they would not be going back to school the following Monday. As leaders grappled with emerging COVID-19 information, one week off became two … Read more

There Is No ‘Average Student.’ So How Should Educators Measure Learning?

There are longstanding debates about testing in education. Some say we test kids too much and should do away with things like the SAT. Others think assessments still have value and must continue, but delivered in more modern ways. So, what’s the right amount? But what if that’s the wrong question? What if the way … Read more

How Library Closures Hurt Adult Learners as Kids Doubled Down on Digital Reading

Library closures hit patrons hard—especially those who relied on them as their main internet source and used them to access online educational resources. Teachers cite the challenges of remote instruction as a top reason for leaving their jobs during the pandemic. And kids double down on digital reading—all in this Edtech Reports Recap. Libraries Close, … Read more

Why Emergency Online Learning Got Low Grades From Many College Students

The following is an edited excerpt from Staying Online: How to Navigate Digital Higher Education, forthcoming from Routledge. Nearly all of higher education moved online at the beginning of the pandemic. For longtime proponents of online education like myself, you might think it would be an accomplishment. Except that many students showed up resentful, taking … Read more