How To Make A Business Case For Continuous Learning

Why Is Continuous Learning And Development A Necessity For Employers And Employees In Organizations? The workplace is in constant flux, especially but not solely limited to knowledge work. Considering the challenges of today’s market, upskilling and reskilling workers is now more important than in the past. Continuous learning and development facilitate the ongoing development of … Read more

4 Skills That Every L&D Professional Needs In The Post-Pandemic World

Valuable Skills Every L&D Professional Needs COVID has caused devastating effects on the globe, both in terms of loss of human lives and economic slowdown. However, ironically, most of us will also acknowledge that there has never been a more exciting time for the L&D community than today. Initiated by the pandemic and accelerated by … Read more

Making Your Employee Onboarding Process Fun (Even Online)

A New Employee Checklist – Onboarding Overview Remember that feeling of starting a new job? The excitement, anticipation? Reflecting on your employee onboarding process may feel different, but now you’re responsible for new hire training and it’s your job to make sure each and every new team member has a great experience joining your company. … Read more

How To Drive Continuous Learning Outside The Formal Training Environment [eBook]

Best Of Both Worlds: Connect Formal Training With Informal Learning Opportunities As many organizations make the switch to remote workforces, new L&D challenges have emerged. How to do you provide your telecommuting staffers with personalized support? Is there a cost-effective way to improve job performance by tapping into the peer-based feedback? This eBook offers insights … Read more

Unlocking Learning Mindsets To Boost Capability Development In The New Normal

Boosting Capability Development In 2021 Prioritizing employee Learning and Development has never been more important than today, not only on a professional level but also in terms of personal development, mental health and wellbeing, and the overall progression of one’s career and path. Albeit forced on to us by the global pandemic, digital learning continues … Read more

Lifelong L&D: How To Develop A Learning Culture To Support Modern Work Environments [eBook]

Secrets To Create A Continuous Learning Culture In Employee Training Every successful employee training program is founded on a solid learning culture. Employees should have the opportunity to make mistakes, learn from them, and hone their talents at every stage of the journey. So, how do you develop a continuous learning culture to support your … Read more