Codecademy, an Early (and Now Profitable) Pioneer of Coding Education, Raises $40M in New Funding

Money has flowed into the edtech sector over the last twelve months. Bumper funding rounds and freshly minted unicorns are grabbing headlines, but there are questions about how long current investment appetite will last. Unlike other edtech startups seemingly on the fast track to big checks, Codecademy has been in the business for over a … Read more

Turn to Coding and Robotics If You Want Your Students to Possess a Growth Mindset

Spread the love Diligence, a curious spirit, and perseverance are qualities we desire to see in our students. These traits are elements of the “growth mindset.” Teaching students coding presents one of the best opportunities to develop and nurture kids’ growth mindset in the school setting. This article shows five scenarios to support this position. … Read more

How to Become a Software Developer (According to the Pros)

We live in a world defined by software. From the navigation app on your phone to the social media you constantly check to the web browser you’re using to read this article, software is all around us. Because our world is so reliant on software, the demand for software developers has exploded. The U.S. Bureau … Read more

Africa’s plastic bag ban seems to be working, and a STEM challenge idea

My wife and I were fortunate to travel to Africa this past summer. Our itinerary included Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana. We were notified by most of the listed countries when we applied for tourist visas that we were not to bring plastic bags into the country under penalty of heavy fines. This sparked … Read more

Cardboard Automata Resource

My friend Kevin Jarrett shared this easy to follow guide to Cardboard Automata from the Exploratorium in San Francisco. It’s a great FREE resource for getting started with making in a fun, creative way. You can easily get started with stuff you probably already have around the house or classroom. Kevin suggests: “Pro tip: print … Read more