Will You Be A Disruptor Or Get Disrupted?

The Pending Emerging Technology Revolution Perhaps the best way to examine the issues and opportunities created by this period of emerging technology-driven disruptive change is to ask ourselves these questions: Are you as an individual/professional and as a leader willing to accept that a course correction is becoming necessary? Given the emerging technology adoption that … Read more

Design Training Programs For Measurable Business Impact

Designing Training Programs Design your training programs for measurable business impact by beginning with the end in mind. That process can start through: Proactively planning with your business Proactively auditing your business Reactively responding to your business Proactively Plan With Your Business There are regular times each year a business puts out its plan for … Read more

Best Practices To Guide Your Workplace Cultural Transformation: Lessons From Real-World Case Studies

Multi-Level, Mutually Reinforcing Culture Change If you’re trying to transform your organization’s culture, let these real-world lessons from over two decades working with clients be your guide. Lesson 1: You Need Vision And A Plan Culture is a complex web of interconnecting stories, images, systems, and behaviors. To transform culture, you need both a vision … Read more

Cultural Transformation In Business: What Culture Would You Create If You Could?

What Do you Want In Your Culture? Putting the pandemic aside, remember a time when you felt absolutely great being with people. Really pause for a moment and recall this positive experience—in the workplace, at a family gathering, or at a local café. What words describe this memorable time? What did you feel? Perhaps you … Read more

Busting LMS Migration Myths

Steps To Easy LMS Migration It finally happened: after years of debating, you’re searching for a new LMS. Maybe you’ve outgrown your LMS; it worked when you found it, but now your business has scaled up and your platform hasn’t scaled with you. Perhaps reporting isn’t robust enough or doesn’t exist at all. You could … Read more

How Digital Transformation Leaders Can Change Organizational Dynamics

Digital Transformation: Initiate, Act, Sustain Digital transformation is all the rage nowadays with training and education going digital, no matter if it is in the K-12 or higher education context. Traditional lectures and physical materials are replaced by interactive activities with synchronous and asynchronous lessons in various LMSs, not to mention the multimodal representation of … Read more

eBook Release: How To Change The Way You Approach Needs Analysis—A Story Around The 7 Essential Elements

An Insightful Tale Of Needs Analysis In The Modern Corporate World Organizations must be able to reflect on their pain points and create personalized online training solutions for their team. Otherwise, you run the risk of skill stagnation, high employee turnover, and low customer satisfaction stats. But how do you approach needs analysis from a … Read more