How Training Needs Analysis Helps L&D Overcome Common Learning Design Challenges

Become A Trusted Partner To Your Organization With increased pressure to be more agile and responsive than ever—hello, pandemic, I’m looking at you!—it’s understandable that L&D teams might be looking for ways to scale back or sidestep the training needs analysis process altogether. But this is a mistake. As L&D professionals, we all face similar … Read more

Needs Analysis: Knowing, Doing, Believing – What Are Your Goals?

Secrets Of Goal Setting For Business Needs Analysis: Knowing, Doing, Believing This article is part of a series focused on the Seven Elements of Needs Analysis. The Elements are: Curriculum Mapping, Know/Do/Believe, Defining the Audience, Designing a Learning Brand, Defining the Return on Investment, Building the Team, and Scoping the Project. What you are about … Read more

eBook Release: Modern Learning Business Case Workbook

Speaking Up For Modern Learning In Your Organization Making a business case for modern learning is a lot harder than it should be. There isn’t a single CEO who will disagree with the importance of training and the concept that L&D. In theory. In practice, L&D professionals always have to deal with a wave of … Read more

Business Reality Check For Learning—Part 1

Aligning Learning With Cost-Volume-Profit There’s a glaring ignorance within workplace learning for the proper application of business and financial concepts. Practitioners continually talk about getting their learning efforts to align with business outcomes, but when held to account, they’re the first to claim, “It’s not my job.” When comes to accountability, it’s either the “I … Read more

eBook Release: Don't Just Build Your Business Case For A Learning Platform. Prove It!

Secrets To Make A Compelling Business Case For A Learning Platform How to win over stakeholders and secure funding for your new eLearning solution? While many organizations rely solely on RFPs, you need more thorough investigation methods to maximize ROI. This eBook shows you how to perfect your process with a Proof of Concept (POC). … Read more

6 Effective Ways To Improve Digital Transformation's Success Rate

Discover The 6 Components Of A Successful DX Whether you are a small organization or an enterprise, sustaining in the current business climate is a challenge. To address this, investing in new digital technologies will help you optimize business processes. Digital transformation empowers your workforce to excel, enables management to make judicious decisions, and as … Read more

5 Best Gamification Strategies And Trends To Grow A Business

Using Gamification Strategies To Grow Businesses Gamification, a relatively unknown term until a couple of years ago, was first introduced in 2008 by Brett Terrill in a blog covering his time at the 2008 Social Gaming Summit. In Brett’s words, gamification is “taking game elements and applying them to a non-gaming context.” Even a decade later, … Read more