6 Ways to Prepare Students for the Future with Interactive 3D [Infographic]

Interactive 3D has opened a door between worlds, allowing us to solve problems in virtual spaces and bring those solutions into the physical world that we inhabit. Once reserved for the games industry, this technology is now being adopted across a wide range of professional arenas and diverse fields of study, which will fundamentally reshape … Read more

Augmented Reality eLearning Tips: How To Create Immersive Performance Management Support

Launch Augmented Reality eLearning For Remote Performance Management Augmented reality eLearning is one of the most results-driven ways to bridge performance gaps and develop internal talent. However, many modern organizations are reluctant to implement AR training for financial reasons. They assume that augmented reality resources are too costly to develop and deploy. Or that they don’t … Read more

Drawing on Ancient Arts and New Technology, Husson U. Launches Degree in Extended Reality

There are plenty of digital gadgets that can make users feel as though they’re being transported through time and space. But the sensation of being immersed in another era or a different realm is much older than today’s VR headsets. The origins of the experience may come from an ancient artform: theater. “As a set … Read more

Emerging L&D Tech: Top Tools For Immersive Learning

5 Immersive Learning Tools For Online Training Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology that immerses the learner in an alternate environment, providing a sense of presence within that environment. Participants can learn, apply, and reinforce skills and knowledge using experiential interactivity. VR delivers an immersive learning event and increases knowledge transfer using “real-world” experience without … Read more