6 Video Scripting Examples Of Enticing Live-Action And eLearning Video Animations

What Is eLearning Animation? How can video scripting examples optimize your online training strategy? eLearning Animations are short videos, usually less than 7 minutes in length, that explain or educate the viewer. They can be produced in a variety of styles and cover any number of topics but the thing they all have in common … Read more

A Deep Dive Into The Animation Process Of Training Video Production (A Complete Overview)

Animation For Education Purposes What’s really involved in the training video production process? Animation has existed for over a hundred years, and ever since the first hand-drawn characters glimmered on old-fashioned movie screens, the medium has been thought of as child’s play. The novelty of animation made it perfect for capturing the attention of young … Read more

Introducing Animated Characters In eLearning

Add Another Dimension To Training With Animation While we all may agree that an eLearning program’s fundamental goal is to impart information, there are numerous ways to achieve that goal. Additional requirements for online training success include knowing the audience and understanding their specific needs, from both a branding and a training standpoint. Only when … Read more

Employing Animation In eLearning Courses

Tips On Using Animation In eLearning Courses When framing an eLearning course, the makers have to ensure that it is crisp and attention-seeking. It must encompass visual imagery and graphics in order to keep readers fully engrossed in the content. To make a course more interactive, employ animated videos and graphics, this helps ease complex … Read more

5 Video Learning Animation Styles And Best Practices You Should Follow

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3 Reasons Why Video Learning Is An Essential Learner Engagement Strategy For Any Industry

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