The Keyword Search Activity That Teaches Critical Thinking

We’ve all been there. After typing in a search query, the results just don’t match our expectations. We try a new combination of words, changing our search from a question, cutting it down to just an essential few words, hoping the results will give us information to a burning question. Students also experience the same … Read more

“Students learn how to behave online”

Minecraft is fun – but it’s also a useful tool for teachers. Swiss teacher Stefan Huber’s students explore complex issues while also reflecting on their online behavior. Caroline Smrstik Gentner: What led you to start using Minecraft in your lessons? Stefan Huber: During the first Covid-19 lockdown in spring 2020, I felt that we were … Read more

6 Ways to Prepare Students for the Future with Interactive 3D [Infographic]

Interactive 3D has opened a door between worlds, allowing us to solve problems in virtual spaces and bring those solutions into the physical world that we inhabit. Once reserved for the games industry, this technology is now being adopted across a wide range of professional arenas and diverse fields of study, which will fundamentally reshape … Read more

Education Has a Three-Headed Crisis. Mental Health Is Only Part of It.

A year ago, I wrote “The Next Pandemic: Mental Health” for National Mental Health Month, published in May 2020 in EdSurge. We were two months into the pandemic in America and already early signs of a mental health crisis were emerging from isolation and trauma. It is now time to update this piece for 2021. … Read more

“Good teaching means being open to adventure”

Swiss secondary school teacher Stella Stejskal-Blum’s English learners dive into the world of digital entrepreneurship. Caroline Smrstik Gentner: What prompted you to have your English class explore ideas for a start-up business? Stella Stejskal-Blum: In 2019, I was working with students who had dropped out of school or were homeschooled, in a bilingual learning group, … Read more

How Interactive 3D Is Transforming the Way we Learn and Work

Through the many rapid changes in technology we’ve seen over the years, only a handful appear to have real sticking power and truly transform our way of life. Real-time interactive 3D may be that next transformative technology. In terms of its impact on learning, we have only scratched the surface, with new opportunities emerging from … Read more

How Digital Skills Can Promote Cultural Literacy and Create Pathways to Equity

Coding and computer science are typically associated with outcomes around problem-solving and analytical skills. For instruction that yields cultural literacy, we most often look to language arts and social sciences. But Victor Hicks approaches these academic pathways as complementary, not contradictory. With Google’s Applied Digital Skills as his foundation, Hicks prioritizes culturally relevant teaching through … Read more

Rethinking higher education in Africa

Gordon Adomdza, Associate Professor at Ashesi University in Ghana, explains why we need to educate the next generation to be ethical and entrepreneurial leaders. Aisha Schnellmann: How has higher education evolved over the years in Ghana and comparable African countries, and what are the key roles of universities today? Gordon Adomdza: In the sixties, many … Read more

The Pandemic Adds a Lot of Constraints for Schools. That Opens the Door to Creativity.

As someone who has dedicated her career to helping educators leverage online and blended learning to transform their classrooms, this pandemic has certainly provided an opportunity to do the work I love most. Let’s be honest, though. Just because most of us had no option but to take learning to an online or blended format … Read more

“The children learn that there are many ways to see the world”

By building their own digital books, Swiss kindergarten teacher Caroline Cortès’ young pupils learn to structure and communicate their ideas. Caroline Smrstik Gentner: Why did you decide to use tablets with your kindergarten pupils? Caroline Cortès: During the first COVID-19 lockdown in spring 2020, I searched for work my students could do at home without … Read more