5 Of The Best Trello Boards For Teachers

5 Useful Trello Boards For Teachers by TeachThought Staff We’ve recommended project-management boards many times over the years, whether for teachers to organize their teaching materials, schools to promote collaboration between teachers, or for teachers to use with students–to organize project-based learning, for example. While we’d love to create a few templates of our own … Read more

How To Enable Voice Dictation On Mac (For Free)

by TeachThought Staff What Is Voice Dictation? Voice dictation is simply voice-to-text–that is, the ability to use your voice to ‘type,’ letting the software turn your voice into words. As this technology improves, from voice search to voice dictation and voice control, its applications become more numerous and powerful. Not all voice dictation is created … Read more

What Is The Question Formation Technique?

by TeachThought Staff Definition Put simply, the Question Formation Technique (QFT) is a process for brainstorming questions. According to the creating organization, the QFT “helps all people create, work with, and use their own questions — building skills for lifelong learning, self-advocacy, and democratic action.” As a classroom tool for teaching and learning, the QFT is useful to … Read more

20 Of The Best Free Science Apps For iOS

by TeachThought Staff The ease-of-use and engagement factor of an iPad can really liven up a lesson. Combine that with an app’s ability to simulate reality in br, such as chemical reactions, and you have a tool that is both safe and fun for your students. Below, we’ve gathered 20 of the best free science … Read more

What Is Remote Learning? A Definition For Teachers And Students

What Is Remote Learning? A Definition For Teachers And Students by TeachThought Staff What is remote learning? Remote learning is the practice of moving a formerly in-person learning process online–usually temporarily. While there isn’t one single definition for remote learning any more than there is a single definition for ‘learning through play,’ the big idea … Read more

10 Ways To Help Students Become More Independent Learners

contributed by Amy Dell As a fairly experienced teacher (five years in Spain and five years in the U.S.), I’ve learned one overarching lesson: Students will almost always meet whatever expectations you put out for them. Whatever we think they can or can’t achieve becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, and this applies universally. Some students just … Read more

We’re Hiring A Curricula Developer

We’re Hiring A Curricula Developer by Terry Heick Do you love learning? Are you deeply curious about how students learn, and how to help them do it more fully and creatively? In more engaged ways that result in enduring understanding that changes lives? Do you like to develop classroom and student-ready teaching materials? Do you … Read more

4 Ways Personalized Learning Could Change Teaching

4 Ways Personalized Learning Could Change Teaching contributed by Jennifer Jones PhD, Educational Entrepreneur and Founder of Green Ivy Schools This post has been updated and republished Increasingly, teachers at the high school and middle school levels (and perhaps even elementary school) will be hearing the term ‘personalized learning.’ And as with so many terms … Read more

3 Simple Ways To Help Students Get Started With Activism

Image attribution flickr user Tulane Public Relations contributed by Erin Werra The next generation of heroes is walking the halls of schools today, and you’re uniquely poised to help them along. As the saying goes, we were all young once. Today’s youth (Generation Z, born after 1996) are more racially and ethnically diverse than any … Read more

Other Data: 20 Signs You’re Actually Making A Difference As A Teacher

Social Pulse contributed by Saga Briggs, opencolleges.edu.au This post has been updated and republished How can you know if you’re really making a difference as a teacher? You plan. You assess. You network. You collaborate. You tweet, differentiate, administer literacy probes, scour 504s and IEPs, use technology, and inspire thinking. And for all of this, you’re … Read more