How to Do Taxes in College: Your Questions, Answered

Spring is nearly here, and along with the blooming flowers and longer days, the deadline for filing income taxes quickly approaches. If you’re currently in college, then it could be the first season you have to file taxes yourself. Unfortunately, our educational system generally does a poor job of teaching you how to file your … Read more

Should You Take Summer Classes? Here’s How to Decide

When you think of summer, taking classes is probably the last thing on your mind. Summer is a time to forget about school and relax. Or at least, that’s the traditional line of thinking. In some cases, however, summer can be an excellent time to fit in a class or two. There are many benefits, … Read more

How to Build Good Study Habits: 5 Areas to Focus On

Growing up, I learned the importance of good study habits early. I was responsible for writing down my homework assignments each day, checking I had all the right books the night before school, and making flashcards to study spelling or vocab words. If I didn’t stay diligent in these study habits, then I was bound … Read more

Analog Productivity: How Unplugging Can Boost Your Focus

When I reflect on my first experiences with “productivity,” I recall the paper agenda I kept starting in second or third grade. Throughout all of elementary school and middle school, this spiral-bound book was my main form of personal organization. Looking back, such a tool seems quaint compared to my current system of digital to-do … Read more

16 Ways to Improve Your Work Performance (In Any Job)

Do you keep getting overlooked for promotions? Does your manager not seem to notice you? If so, then the issue could be your work performance. And this is understandable. School focuses a lot on enabling you to get a job, but it usually doesn’t delve into how to get better at it. This is a … Read more

How to Set Career Goals That Work for You

If you had asked me about my career goals at the end of high school, I would’ve told you I wanted to be an English professor. But when I got to college, things changed. I found this website and learned that you could make money online as a writer. My career goals shifted, and I … Read more

8 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block and Get Back to Writing

You told your professor you’d have the essay in their inbox by 9 AM tomorrow. But now that you’ve sat down to write, your mind is blank. The empty page is so intimidating, the blinking cursor so taunting. You want to write, but it feels impossible. If this sounds familiar, then you have a classic … Read more

Self-Education: The Skill That Will Help You Stay Ahead

I’d always seen my dad use Photoshop, and I was curious to learn. So in 7th grade, I scraped together my allowance and bought a copy of Photoshop for Dummies. Through hours of practice, along with reading that book and online tutorials, I learned the basics of editing images in Photoshop. While I’m still no … Read more

7 Simple Techniques to Build (and Keep) Good Habits

Habits shape every aspect of your life, whether you realize it or not. They dictate what you do when your alarm goes off, what you eat for dinner, and how you get ready for bed. Habits can work for or against you, but they work nonetheless. Therefore, it’s worth taking some time to build good … Read more

12 Pieces of Career Advice to Put You On the Path to Success

As much as high school and college attempt to prepare you for the “working world,” there’s still a severe lack of career advice. And what advice you do get is mostly about how to get a job, not how to build a successful career. Recognizing this, I put together this collection of career advice I … Read more