Automate Your Finances: 5 Ways to Put Your Money on Autopilot

Managing your money can be a source of stress and uncertainty. When was that bill due? Am I saving enough for retirement? Did someone steal my credit card and use it to buy crypto-mining robots? While some of the above concerns may be more realistic than others, you won’t have to worry about any of … Read more

6 Ways to Be More Active (No Gym Required)

Ever since much of our work and school activities have moved online, I’ve struggled to stay active. Even as much of life has returned to “normal,” some of the sedentary habits I’ve picked up over the past year and a half or so have persisted. Recognizing this, I’ve been working to bring regular physical activity … Read more

7 Techniques to Overcome Analysis Paralysis

There once was a fox and a cat. The fox brags to the cat about how many different tricks he has for evading hunters. The cat, in turn, tells the fox that he has but one escape trick. Soon, a group of hunters arrives with their dogs. The cat quickly climbs a tree and evades … Read more

The 3 Key Ingredients to Wake Up Early (Without Feeling Tired)

Waking up early. It seems like it’s the holy grail of productivity advice. Just get up at 5 AM, do a morning routine, and success is guaranteed. The reality is a bit more complicated, of course. Aside from the fact that waking early doesn’t guarantee success (see the next section), it can also be extremely … Read more

Want to Become a Virtual Assistant? An Expert Explains How

The job landscape has changed a lot in the past few years. Things that used to seem unthinkable, such as working from home or conducting meetings while in a moving car, are now commonplace. New, internet-enabled jobs seem to pop up every day. And an increasing number of people are starting their own businesses. One … Read more

Physical, Digital, and Audiobooks Compared: Which Should You Read?

It’s a glorious time to be a reader. From the public domain books on Project Gutenberg to the free digital and audiobook downloads from your local library, books are more accessible than ever before. Not only that, but the choice of book formats is wider than at any time in history. You can read books … Read more

How to Do Taxes in College: Your Questions, Answered

Spring is nearly here, and along with the blooming flowers and longer days, the deadline for filing income taxes quickly approaches. If you’re currently in college, then it could be the first season you have to file taxes yourself. Unfortunately, our educational system generally does a poor job of teaching you how to file your … Read more

Should You Take Summer Classes? Here’s How to Decide

When you think of summer, taking classes is probably the last thing on your mind. Summer is a time to forget about school and relax. Or at least, that’s the traditional line of thinking. In some cases, however, summer can be an excellent time to fit in a class or two. There are many benefits, … Read more

How to Build Good Study Habits: 5 Areas to Focus On

Growing up, I learned the importance of good study habits early. I was responsible for writing down my homework assignments each day, checking I had all the right books the night before school, and making flashcards to study spelling or vocab words. If I didn’t stay diligent in these study habits, then I was bound … Read more

Analog Productivity: How Unplugging Can Boost Your Focus

When I reflect on my first experiences with “productivity,” I recall the paper agenda I kept starting in second or third grade. Throughout all of elementary school and middle school, this spiral-bound book was my main form of personal organization. Looking back, such a tool seems quaint compared to my current system of digital to-do … Read more